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With a Vogel's TV bracket you can attach your TV to the wall without difficulty. This not only saves valuable space in your living room, which you can use for furniture, plants or accessories, but also makes your TV part of your interior style. 


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How would you like to watch television?

Flat - Flat TV Brackets

Do you usually sit right in front of the TV?

Then a flat, fixed TV bracket is the best choice for you. Your TV will look like a painting on the wall!

Tilt - Tilting TV Brackets

Want to mount your TV a little higher?

Above a fireplace or high on your bedroom wall? That's no problem with a tilting TV bracket. Just tilt the TV screen towards you.

Turn - Full-Motion TV Brackets

Want a great view of your TV from different parts of the room?

You always get a great view with a full-motion TV bracket. No matter where you sit.


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Our Turn products for your TV

NEXT series - full-motion

An innovative TV wall mount with a striking design aimed to bring you the best viewing pleasure.

THIN series - full-motion

THIN series - full-motion

A slim and elegant TV wall mount to mount your tv as flat as possible.

WALL series - full-motion

WALL series - full-motion

A TV wall mount with a modern design that fits most TVs and interior styles.

BASE series - full-motion

BASE series - full-motion

A TV wall mount that covers the basics. Essential quality without frills.


TV Brackets - Get more out of your TV!

Get the best out of your TV in your living room, bedroom or kitchen with a TV bracket from Vogel's. Whatever your TV and budget, we can find the right solution for you. A cable column or cover keeps your cables neatly out of sight while the AV multi-support adds the final touch.

When do you need a flat, tilting or full-motion TV bracket?

Whether you need a flat, tilting or full-motion TV bracket depends on how you like to watch TV.

A flat TV bracket is great when you usually sit directly in front of your TV

A flat TV bracket from Vogel's means that your TV will be as close as possible to the wall. This increases the space around your TV because the maximum space that your TV furniture would otherwise take up is reduced. And what's more, your TV looks like a painting on the wall! A flat TV bracket is ideal if you sit directly in front of the TV because then the picture and sound are at their best, particularly with a soundbar. On the other hand, if the sun happens to be shining on the screen or if several people are watching from different angles, the viewing experience might be less comfortable and it's not possible to tilt or turn your TV. A tilting or full-motion TV bracket would then suit your interior better.

A tilting TV bracket is ideal if you want to mount your TV a little higher

tilting TV bracket from Vogel's offers you the advantages of a flat TV bracket, plus the ability to tilt your TV. You can then mount your TV higher and tilt the screen towards you - ideal for in your kitchen or bedroom. If you mount your TV higher, it keeps it safely out of the way of spitting oil or children and pets.

Because you can turn the screen towards you, you don't have to turn your head to see it. That'll save you a stiff neck! More comfortable if you watch TV when you're in bed, for example. You also have less trouble from reflections and sunlight with the tilting TV bracket.

A full-motion TV bracket is best when you watch TV from several places

full-motion TV bracket is the most versatile solution for mounting your TV. You can then watch your favourite series, film or sports match from any angle in the room and reflections from sunlight are as good as history. Because you can turn and tilt the screen towards you, you always have a good view of the screen, whether it's from the dinner table, your settee, your bed or even in the kitchen. A full-motion TV bracket from Vogel's means that you never have to miss a moment of your favourite TV series!

Tip: the best picture quality demands impressive sound that turns with your TV. Our NEXT series adds just that. It even allows you to remotely turn the screen towards you, thanks to the memory function and intuitive app that comes with the motorised TV bracket: MotionSoundMount.

You'll find the best TV bracket for any brand and type of TV at Vogel's

Whether your TV is a Samsung, LG, Sony, Phillips or Panasonic or another brand, finding the right TV bracket for your TV is easy. Our products are suited for any screen type: HD TVs, UHD, LED, LCD, Plasma TVs but also for the latest OLED and QLED TVs.