Tablet holders and wall mounts

Find a tablet holder for different situations

Tablet holders are very practical for the everyday use of your tablet at home or on the move. Depending on the viewing angle a tablet holder is easily adjustable. You get the best possible experience with the tablet.

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Tablet holder for car

Especially in the back seat of the car it is nice and convenient to have a car tablet. Watch movies in a comfortable way and long rides will become an entertaining experience. Children in particular, enjoy tablet headrest mounts.

Do you use your tablet for navigation? Then make use of a dashboard tablet car mount. It can easily be attached to the inside of the windscreen with the use of a suction cup. This tablet mount is practical for those who drive many miles.

A big advantage is that your tablet can be easily mounted in different positions and can be removed when leaving the car. This also protects the tablet from potential theft.

Flexible tablet wall mount

When you love to cook and use the tablet for recipes, you are familiar with this problem: a tablet on the kitchen counter often gets in the way and gets dirty quickly.

A universal tablet holder is recommended for such situations to protect it. With a flexible wall mount tablet holder in the kitchen, recipes can be looked at quickly and easily from a safe distance. The tablet wall mount can turn in all different direction for the best view. It can be mounted on the wall or under your kitchen cabinet.

Tablet holder for the bathroom

Another ideal place for a tablet holder is the bathroom. Many people would like to relax in the bathtub while watching a movie.

It is impractical if you have to hold the tablet in your hand all the time. Besides there is a chance the device falls in the water. Solve this problem by placing a tablet in your preferred position.

After a bath, you can easily remove the tablet from the holder and prevent the device from too much (air) moisture. The tablet wall mount can be attached to the wall without drilling, nevertheless it is robust and stable.

What to take into account?

Before you buy a tablet holder, consider for which rooms and for which occasion the holder will be used. If you are looking for a tablet holder for your car, use a tablet holder that can be securely fixed to the windscreen, but can removed easily. When often used in a kitchen or bedroom, buy a tablet holder with a multi angle swivel arm.

With the search for a tablet holder, pay attention to the size and weight of the tablet. Even though several tablet variants and sizes can be mounted in a universal tablet holder, maximum sizes and weights need to be accounted for.

Vogel’s tablet holder bracket fits all tablet brands. And are compatible with Ipad and Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy tab. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Order your tablet holder today with free shipping!