TV brackets for your Samsung TV

Get the most from your Samsung TV by mounting it on the wall with a TV bracket from Vogel's. Find the perfect one for your TV below!

Check compatibility by entering your TV brand and model. Only products that fit your TV will be shown. The model number is usually displayed on a sticker at the back of the TV. For example: 'LG OLED55C7V'


How would you like to watch television?

Flat - Flat TV Brackets

Do you usually sit right in front of the TV?

Then a flat, fixed TV bracket is the best choice for you. Your TV will look like a painting on the wall!

Tilt - Tilting TV Brackets

Want to mount your TV a little higher?

Above a fireplace or high on your bedroom wall? That's no problem with a tilting TV bracket. Just tilt the TV screen towards you.

Turn - Full-Motion TV Brackets

Want a great view of your TV from different parts of the room?

You always get a great view with a full-motion TV bracket. No matter where you sit.


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Our Turn products for your TV

NEXT series - full-motion

An innovative TV wall mount with a striking design aimed to bring you the best viewing pleasure.

THIN // Full-Motion

THIN // Full-Motion

A slim and elegant TV wall mount to mount your tv as flat as possible.

BASE // Full-Motion

BASE // Full-Motion

A TV wall mount that covers the basics. Essential quality without frills.

£49.99 £94.95

Our Flat products for your TV

THIN // Fixed

THIN // Fixed

A slim and elegant TV wall mount to mount your tv as flat as possible.

BASE // Fixed

BASE // Fixed

A TV wall mount that covers the basics. Essential quality without frills.


Our Tilt products for your TV

THIN // Tilting

THIN // Tilting

A slim and elegant TV wall mount to mount your tv as flat as possible.

BASE // Tilting

BASE // Tilting

A TV wall mount that covers the basics. Essential quality without frills.


Mount your TV with a Samsung TV Bracket

Whether you have just bought a new Samsung TV, or you already have a Samsung QLED TV on your sideboard but you want to save space by attaching your TV to the wall, Vogel’s will offer you the ideal TV Bracket for mounting almost every type of Samsung TV. Our complete product range of TV Brackets for Samsung TVs can be seen here. We also have Samsung TV accessories.

Positioning your Samsung TV flat against the wall!

Vogel’s has a range of flat TV Brackets (FLAT) for Samsung TVs in screen sizes ranging from 19'' up to 80" and with a maximum weight of 70 kg. Furthermore, Vogel’s THIN TV Brackets can be mounted only 15 mm from the wall. These TV Brackets have a special service stand that enables you to easily access the connections or wiring of your TV, as well as an integrated spirit level that will help you to mount your TV straight.

Tilting Samsung TV Bracket

Are you going to mount your Samsung TV in the bedroom? And do you want a Samsung wall Bracket that can tilt? Take a look at our tilting (TILT) or rotating (TURN) TV Brackets that allow you to have a good view of the TV from your bed simply by hanging the TV on the Bracket a little higher on the wall. For the Samsung TV in your bedroom, Vogel’s tiltable (TILT) TV Brackets are available for screens ranging from 19" to 65" with a maximum weight of 45 kg. 

A TV that turns towards you

For an even better viewing experience, you may want to select the rotatable (TURN) TV Bracket that allows you to pull the TV towards you. If you want to have the best view of your screen from an easy chair, but also when you are sitting at the dining table. In this case, a turnable TV Bracket (TURN) that can rotate and swivel is a good solution. A Samsung adjustable wall mount is available for screens measuring from 19" to 100" with a maximum weight of 70 kg.

What features are important?

Do you want to know which Samsung curved TV bracket or Samsung QLED TV mount suits your television best? Vogel’s has a tool, known as the Mount Advisor, that can help you to discover the best TV Bracket solution. There are a number of things to take into account when choosing the right TV Bracket.

1. Where will you be when you watch TV? Will you be sitting or lying down? This will help us to find the right functionalities in your TV Bracket (flat against the wall, tilting or swivelling).

2. There is a certain pattern of holes on the back of your TV that is known as the VESA size. Samsung usually uses standard VESA sizes.

3. How big is your TV? For example, are you looking for a Samsung 40 inch TV bracket or a Samsung 43 inch TV bracket?

4. What is the weight of your TV? Even though this information is not essential for us to give you advice on the right TV Bracket, to be absolutely sure, this information can be found in the specifications for your Samsung TV.

High quality is guaranteed

Vogel’s TV Brackets are TÜV certified and are tested at 3 times the maximum weight. For the majority of our products, we offer a lifetime guarantee. Please feel free to browse Vogel’s range of TV Brackets, to find the highest quality products for mounting your TV.

Questions and advice

If you have any questions about purchasing a Samsung Wall Bracket, please feel free to contact us!