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Tilt TV Brackets 

  • Ideal for higher mounted TVs 

  • Tilt up to 20° 

  • Ideal viewing angle for bedroom 

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Tilting TV Wall Mount


Your TV on the wall at the perfect angle, safe and secure for lively family life

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Tilting TV Wall Mount

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Your TV on the wall, exactly the way you want it, in 20 minutes maximum

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Tilting TV wall brackets

If you love watching TV while lying down, a tilting TV bracket is perfect for you. You've probably noticed that it's tough to get a perfect view of the screen when you're in bed or lying on the couch. Most of the time, the screen is too high up or the angle is all wrong.

Or maybe you get annoyed by the sunlight glaring through the window or reflections on the screen from indoor lighting. All of these problems can be prevented with a tilting TV wall mount.

Our tilt TV wall brackets have a 20° vertical tilt, so you can adjust the angle for the perfect view. Tilting the screen downward can reduce sunlight or create the perfect television viewing angle. If you mount your television screen up against the wall, you can tilt it in the angle you want and save space in the room.

Since the television screen is no longer standing on a cabinet or TV stand, your room will open up. Also, the tilt TV brackets from Vogel’s guarantee a sturdy support. You are guaranteed that your television is safe and secure.

Other options: flat or tilt and turn TV brackets

When choosing a wall mount for your television screen is it important that you pick the right one. At the Vogel’s website we divide our TV brackets into four main categories: flat, tilt, turn, and motorised. Each of these brackets come with their own unique functionalities.

Flat TV brackets are perfect for you if you wish to mount the television screen on a fixed position on the wall. The biggest disadvantage is that you cannot rotate or tilt your television in any way.

With the swivel TV brackets, you can create an ultimate television viewing experience in your home. If you want to watch television from multiple angles in the room, a tilt and turn TV bracket is the best choice for you. Thanks to the rotating brackets you are able to rotate the screen up to 180° horizontally and up to 20° vertically.

With a motorised wall mount you do not have to get up from the couch anymore as it automatically moves towards you as soon as you switch on your TV.

Now make your choice for the best solution in your home and enjoy every TV moment.

Find the right tilting TV wall mount for your TV

Enter your TV type model in our flatscreen fitter to see which tilting TV wall bracket suits your TV. Our brackets are suited for all popular types of TVs. Brands like Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and LG, and are suited for all kinds of television screen sizes. Our tilt TV wall mounts are compatible with screen sizes up to 77 inches. They were designed for maximum safety and allow you to mount your tv securely and effortlessly to the wall. Both our Quick series for quick and easy installation and our COMFORT series for optimal viewing pleasure are TÜV certified. The unique locking systems allow you to secure your TV to the tilting TV brackets and stay safely in any position.

Choose your favorite tilting TV bracket today!