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OLED Wall Mounts
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OLED Wall Brackets

  • Perfect fit for OLED TVs

  • Flat against the wall

  • Prevent damage your to screen

Find suitable TV bracket
Excellence in Motion
Full-Motion TV Wall Mount


TV Wall Mount for large, ultra slim TVs featuring smooth manual or motorized movement

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ELITE Series
Design & Performance
Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

ELITE Series

Full motion, ultra-slim and extremely strong

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COMFORT // Full-Motion
Stylish & Secure
Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

COMFORT // Full-Motion

Your OLED TV on the wall, safe and secure for lively family life

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ELITE Series
Design & Performance
Fixed TV Wall Mount

ELITE Series

Mount your TV ultra-flat against the wall

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Vogel's TVM 3405 SP Fixed OLED TV Wall Mount - Suitable for 32 up to 77 inch TVs - Product
TVM 3405 SP
Fixed TV Wall Mount
Ideal for OLEDStylish design

TV wall brackets especially designed for OLED TVs

OLED TVs are super thin and therefore fragile. They also often have a different VESA standard. Choosing the right OLED TV bracket is therefore crucial to improving your viewing experience and ensuring safety. Here's why:

  • Saving space: OLED TVs are known for their slim profile. A wall bracket maximizes space, eliminates bulky furniture and creates a modern look.

  • Optimal viewing angles: With superior viewing angles, an adjustable bracket allows tilt and swivel, so you get the best view from any position and reduce glare.

  • Safety: Wall brackets anchor your OLED TV securely and protect against accidents in homes with children and pets. This is even more important with thin and fragile OLED screens.

Invest in a high-quality OLED TV bracket to not only secure your TV, but also to enhance your viewing experience, save space and ensure safety and longevity.

Vogel's has developed special wall brackets for this purpose. These TV suspension systems have the correct VESA size. Swivel TV wall mounts rotate extra smoothly, so your fragile screen won't be damaged. And they are extra flat, so that your screen hangs as flat as possible against the wall. Like a painting on the wall. View the OLED wall mount range here!

Mini LED TV wall brackets

OLED TVs are now a household name in the TV market. Mini LED technology is a further development of this. These Mini LED TVs use individually controlled LEDs in the screen to display up to 40% brighter colours compared to OLED TVs. This technology takes your film or series to a new level.

Why a TV mount for my Mini LED TV?

There are several advantages when using a TV mount for your mini LED TV: Enhanced viewing experience: Wall-mounting your TV gives you a better viewing angle and avoids distracting reflections from windows or lights. Space-saving: Mounting your TV on the wall saves space in the  room and can give a more modern look to the interior. Safer: By fixing your TV to the wall, you reduce the risk of accidents, especially with pets or children running around. 

Which wall bracket for my Mini LED TV?

Fixed TV Wall Bracket

A fixed bracket is the simplest and most common type of wall mount. It holds your TV securely in place and is ideal if you want to keep your TV in a fixed position. This type of mount is often extra thin and very stable.

Full motion TV Wall Bracket

A swivel mount is ideal if you want to rotate your TV in different directions. This is useful if you have mounted your TV in a place where you often need to adjust the viewing angle, such as a bedroom or living room. A swivel mount can rotate to different degrees, depending on the model..

Motorized TV Wall Bracket

The perfect TV bracketfor your Mini LED TV is our motorized TV wall bracket. The SIGNATURE MotionMount is the ideal solution to automatically move your Mini LED or Neo QLED TV remotely. This way, you don't have to turn your precious TV by hand.