Flat TV Brackets

With a Vogel's flat TV wall bracket you can attach your TV to the wall with ease. This not only saves valuable space in your living room, which you can use for furniture, plants or accessories, but also makes your TV part of your interior style.

Check compatibility by entering your TV brand and model. Only products that fit your TV will be shown. The model number is usually displayed on a sticker at the back of the TV. For example: 'LG OLED55C7V'


How would you like to watch television?

Flat - Flat TV Brackets

Do you usually sit right in front of the TV?

Then a flat, fixed TV bracket is the best choice for you. Your TV will look like a painting on the wall!

Tilt - Tilting TV Brackets

Want to mount your TV a little higher?

Above a fireplace or high on your bedroom wall? That's no problem with a tilting TV bracket. Just tilt the TV screen towards you.

Turn - Full-Motion TV Brackets

Want a great view of your TV from different parts of the room?

You always get a great view with a full-motion TV bracket. No matter where you sit.


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Our Flat products for your TV

THIN series - fixed

THIN series - fixed

A slim and elegant TV wall mount to mount your tv as flat as possible.

WALL series - fixed

WALL series - fixed

A TV wall mount with a modern design that fits most TVs and interior styles.

BASE series - fixed

BASE series - fixed

A TV wall mount that covers the basics. Essential quality without frills.


Advantages of a flat TV wall bracket

  • More living space;
  • Easy to install;
  • TV in a fixed position;
  • At a desired height;
  • Valuable safety features;
  • Reduce the risk of TV damage.

THIN series – fixed

The THIN series – fixed is ideal for those who are looking for a TV wall mount, that hangs as flat against the wall as possible. Choose a THIN series TV wall bracket for the ultimate sleek and slim TV viewing experience.

WALL series – fixed

Choosing the WALL series – fixed means selecting a solid and stylish TV wall mount. This product line fits most TVs and interior styles. Perfect for those who appreciate comfort.

BASE series – fixed

For people who consider costs to be the most important motive. The BASE series – fixed consists of basic and solid TV wall brackets, for an affordable price.