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Which wall mount will you choose for your Neo QLED Samsung TV? 

Your Neo QLED deserves the very best

You didn't choose your Neo QLED TV from Samsung lightly. You were looking for the very best. And ended up with a Neo QLED, like the Samsung Neo QLED 55QN85A, because of the high contrast the display can offer. Fortunately, you can also hang this TV with the very best wall mounts from Vogel's. We will tell you which ones.  

What is Neo QLED? 

You probably know Samsung's QLED TVs. The Neo QLED can be added to that list as a successor development for LED TVs. Compared to a QLED, a Neo QLED has even more LEDs in the screen. These are controlled individually. For example, is there an area of black image on the screen? Then those pixels switch themselves off. This provides even higher contrast in your image. 

Stylish wall mounts for Neo QLED TVs

Your Neo QLED TV is characterised by its thin design. You naturally want to reflect that when you choose to hang your TV. We understand that at Vogel's. Therefore, we have highlighted a number of wall mounts that will best suit your Samsung Neo QLED 55QN85A or other Neo QLED TVs. 

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Watch TV from any angle with a Full-Motion TV mount

Enjoy the convenience of fully enjoying your TV from any seat with a swivel TV mount. Our SIGNATURE and ELITE wall mounts are specially designed for large and flat screens, such as the Neo QLED. Within these series, there are different models of swivel TV mounts:

  • SIGNATURE MotionMount: Within the SIGNATURE series, 50 years of experience come together in an innovative and modern design. Go for ultimate luxury with the electric MotionMount. Your Neo QLED TV automatically turns towards you when you turn it on. 

  • ELITE Swivel (TVM 5445): Our ELITE line is here for ultra large and slim TVs. This swivel TV has a maximum rotation of 180 degrees and features an extremely flat design. 

Right in front of your TV with a Fixed wall mount

Would you rather see your Neo QLED as a painting against the wall? Because you know you are always sitting right in front of your TV enjoying the latest Netflix series? Then a fixed TV wall mount will suit your interior best. Our designers have gone to work to design the thinnest possible wall mount that best brings out the slim design of your Samsung TV.  

The ELITE series flat wall mount ensures that your Neo QLED TV is only 1.5 cm away from the wall. Don't worry whether your big TV is hanging safely, as the wall mount can handle TVs up to 75kg. 

Samsung Neo QLED safe on the wall

After you have made an informed choice to buy the Neo QLED TV, you also want to enjoy it without any worries while watching TV. With a Vogel's mount, you can be sure the TV will hang safely on the wall. In fact, our wall mounts are all tested to three times their maximum weight. This is reflected in the independent TÜV-3 certificate. 

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