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SOUND 5200 Speaker wall mount for HEOS 1 & 3

SOUND 5200 Speaker wall mount for HEOS 1 & 3

SOUND 5200 Speaker wall mount for HEOS 1 & 3

349,00 kr.
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349,00 kr.
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    Fine-tune your Denon HEOS-speakers in an optimal way for the best sound

    Vogel's speaker wall mount for Denon HEOS® is a bracket with which you can attach your Denon HEOS 1 and 3 speakers to the wall. The perfect solution to improve the acoustics in your home. By hanging the speakers higher on the wall and directing them at ear height, you optimise the performance of the speakers. You can tilt the speaker 30º downwards, and it has a turning angle of 70º.

    Including spirit level for easy installation

    The wall mount is available in black and in white, and fit in any decor, as they are very small and inconspicuous. Your speaker will always hang straight, as there is a spirit level built into the frame of the wall mount. Hanging and adjusting is very simple. You can easily place the speaker in the correct orientation and the supply hinges ensure a precise correction without any tools being needed. You not only save space in your room by mounting your speakers on the wall, your music also sounds as good as possible!