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UP Serie

UP Serie

UP Serie

24,99 €

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Trova la tua TV qui
S 19-43"
Max 30 kg
M 32-65"
Max 40 kg
L 40-80"
Max 60 kg
Seleziona la tua TV per la regolazione perfetta.
24,99 €
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    Tilting TV wall mount: UP Tilt
    UP Tilt is a series of tilting TV mounts. This is a nice feature if your TV is mounted a little higher on the wall. For example, in your bedroom or over a fireplace. With the TV tilted in your direction, you experience more viewing comfort.

    UP TV wall mounts: functional, affordable, no-nonsense
    Are you just looking for a reliable TV wall mount that does exactly what it says? Need a functional, affordable solution without any fuss?
    Meet Vogel's UP series. A complete line of TV wall mounts to mount your TV safely and securely on the wall. UP TV wall mounts are TÜV certified, unlike most wall mounts in this price range.