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Best posture for watching TV | Vogel's

Best posture for watching TV

Mount your TV at the right viewing height

The TV is an indispensable part of your living room. Whether it's relaxing after a day's work. Providing information over breakfast. Or to have a relaxing moment together with your partner. You can't do without it. Understandable. But, of course, you don't want to experience any discomfort. We give you tips to watch TV in the best posture. Start by hanging the TV at the right viewing height. 

Advantages of setting viewing height yourself for best posture when watching TV

  • Prevent neck and back pain while watching TV

  • Reduce eye strain

  • Improve the viewing angle

Prevent neck and back pain

Prevent neck and back complaints by not placing TV on TV unit | Vogel's

Prevent neck and back pain by watching TV in the right sitting position. That doesn't have to mean that your TV only has to stand straight on a TV stand. On the contrary, in fact. It gives you less freedom and may even prevent the TV from being at the right viewing height. 

Improve your sitting posture with the right viewing height

Determine the viewing height from your favourite spot on the sofa | Vogel's

By hanging your TV, you determine the best viewing height and angle for your relaxing moments on the couch. Do you always sit right in front of the TV? Then measure the viewing height from that position. Would you prefer more freedom in moving the TV? Then determine the viewing height by sitting in different places in your living room. A full-motion TV wall mount is ideal for this. 

From any angle in the best position

Prevent glare from light | Vogel's

You prefer to sit in the most comfortable corner on the sofa. But suppose your TV is just not positioned conveniently and the screen glares due to light. Do you have to uncomfortably twist your neck to look? If the TV is hung on a full-motion, TV wall mount, that problem is eliminated. Easily rotate your TV to the desired viewing angle. The reflection on the screen is no longer a problem and you can enjoy an evening on the couch at your favourite angle. 

Reduce eye strain

Give your eyes a rest by hanging TV at viewing height | Vogel's

It's not just your posture that can cause discomfort while watching TV. Your eyes also play an important role. By hanging the TV at a comfortable height - often at eye level - your eyes experience less strain. That way, you'll look at your screen comfortably for longer. And enjoy the whole film without discomfort.

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What other benefits are associated with mounting your TV? 

Besides the ergonomic benefits of hanging the TV, there are other plus points. We list them:

  1. A sturdy wall mount provides extra safety in the room. The TV cannot easily be knocked over. Ideal with children or pets.

  2. Every inch counts in a room. Especially in smaller spaces. Save space by hanging your TV.

  3. Give your room a clean and tidy look. The TV hung close to the wall creates a tidy look. Cables are also easily concealed with a cable cover.


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