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Full-motion TV wall mount? What to look out for

Find out the maximum turning angle for your TV

Vogel's offers a diverse range of full-motion TV wall mounts. Depending on the model chosen, your TV wall mount has a maximum turning angle of 120° or 180°. But whether your TV actually reaches that maximum turning angle depends on a number of factors. 
Not only the type of TV wall mount, but also the size of your TV screen.

We like to be transparent about the turning angle of our TV wall mounts. You then know exactly where you stand! On this page, we explain how it works.

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Why the size of your screen affects the turning angle

If you want to turn your TV, the first thing you have to do is pull the mount forward. You can then easily turn the TV to any desired position. Depending on the size of your TV relative to the length of the support arm, that turn may or may not be entirely possible up to a maximum of 60° or 90° to one side or the other.

If the width of your screen is substantially larger than the length of the support arm, your TV will not be able reach the maximum turning angle of 120° or 180°.
To avoid that, you can check beforehand to see if another TV wall mount is better suited to your situation.

Vogel's full-motion TV wall mounts: what are your choices?

Full-Motion (max. 120°)

Full-motion TV wall mount, 120-degree rotation | Vogel's

To prevent your TV from hitting the wall, the turning angle of Full-Motion TV wall mounts is limited to 120°; 60° to one side and 60° to the other.

When fully turned, your TV is then positioned at a 60° angle to the wall.

Full-Motion (max. 180° )

Full-motion TV wall mount, Full-Motion+, TV wall mount rotatable 180 degrees | Vogel's

Full-Motion TV wall mounts have longer arms. If your TV is of average size, you can even rotate it up to 180°; 90° to one side and 90° to the other.

When fully turned, your TV is then positioned at a 90° angle to the wall.

Motorized (max. 120°)

Motorized TV wall mount, full-motion TV wall mount | Vogel's

With our motorized TV wall mounts, your TV never touches the wall. By using the Electronic Screen Protection System (ESPS), you automatically set a turn restriction. You simply choose your screen size in the Vogel's app.

Find out the maximum turning angle for your TV

Below you will find the maximum turning angle for each type of TV wall mount for different screen sizes. You can then easily discover which full-motion TV wall mounts in each product line are suitable for your type of TV.
As well as the maximum turning angle. As transparent and easy as possible.      

Haven't yet bought a TV wall mount? Find the most ideal turning angle for your situation and base your choice on that.

COMFORT TV wall mounts

  • Stylish and safe, ideal for families

  • Full-Motion 120° rotatable, standard arm lengths up to 38 cm

  • Full-Motion+ 180° rotatable, extra arm lengths up to 67 cm

  • For TVs from 19” to 77”

An example: is your TV 65”?

Would you be happy with a maximum turning angle of 120°? The TVM 3645 from the COMFORT Series is an excellent choice.

TV wall mount, Full-Motion, turning angle | Vogel's

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