Installing a Barco UniSee video wall?

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LCD video walls are incredibly popular. A large video wall offers numerous possibilities for displaying entertainment experiences, information, advertising or branding. One of the most famous brands in video wall LCD screens is Barco. The unique Barco UniSee® video wall ensures seamless mounting in any size.

Vogel's offers solutions for installing a Barco Unisee video wall in any situation, the possibilities are endless.

What does Vogel's have to offer:

  • Exclusive developed adapters for Barco UniSee
  • Combine with unique Vogel’s Connect-it modular system
  • For wall, ceiling or floor mounting
  • Easy, fast and seamless installation
  • Integrated cable management
  • Leightweight aluminium frame
  • Vogel's quality, TÜV certification

Best of the best LCD displays

Barco UniSee LCD displays are in a class of their own. They offer superior image quality and vivid colour reproduction regardless of the ambient light. They were worthy winners of the Red Dot Best of the Best Award 2018. 

The self-aligning, bezel-less mounting system ensures easy installation and perfect alignment of the displays without damaging the fragile edges. Vogel's is the partner of choice in this field. Thanks to our specially developed adapters, a Barco UniSee video wall can be mounted anywhere.

Installing a video wall with Barco UniSee screens?

Vogel's can justifiably claim to be the most important supplier worldwide when it comes to installing a Barco UniSee video wall. Barco UniSee video walls are virtually seamless and feature a unique maintenance system. This enables these displays to be mounted very close to each other. Together with Barco, we have developed special adapters for the UniSee Mount that present the video wall in its best light in any configuration. This combination also improves the installation time and reliability of a project. Looking for a Barco UniSee video wall mounting solution for a client? Are you going to install a Barco UniSee video wall? Install it quickly and easily with Vogel's.

Floor-to-ceiling solution for video wall Barco UniSee | Vogel's Floor-to-ceiling solution for video wall Barco UniSee | Vogel's

Mounting a video wall on the wall is often the most convenient solution. But awkward architectural features, visionary architects and creative installers sometimes require surprising configurations. It is good to know that large, freestanding, video wall floor stands or even a cool curved video wall mounted from the ceiling are also possibilities. Depend on Vogel's years of expertise and reliability.

Are you looking for an example? Check out this Dutch case study for a Barco UniSee videowall installation.  

We already have a number of kits available for the most common, straight configurations of 2x2 Barco UniSee video walls. Click here to order directly.

Use Vogel's Connect-it to install a Barco UniSee video wall

In order to seamlessly connect Barco displays, Barco has developed the Unisee Mount. The flexible UniSee butterfly-shaped mounting adapters make installation easy, with a design that offers a unique way of dismounting one or more screens.

Endless video wall mounting solutions

Vogel's has developed mounting adapters especially for Barco UniSee displays to enable video wall mounting in any configuration and any location.Vogel's proven Connect-it system is the basis for mounting LCD video walls. You can easily put together a video wall of virtually any size using a limited number of components.

With the special Vogel's UniSee adapters, any Barco UniSee video wall configuration is possible: ceiling, floor, floor-wall, floor-ceiling, back-to-back, freestanding, fixed or mobile video wall solution. And we can always deliver from stock, so a project is never in jeopardy.

Benefits of Barco UniSee solutions:

  • "Dedicated" UniSee adapter
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Modular system
  • Integrated cable management
  • TÜV-5 certificication
  • Lightweight aluminium profiles

Are you looking for a specific Barco Unisee video wall mounting solution?

Assemble your Barco UniSee video wall solution in our Pro-AV mount advisor here:

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Straight, curved or complex Barco UniSee video wall

Vogel's Connect-it series is a modular system. You can use it to assemble everything yourself, from floor plate to ceiling mount, with different pole lengths and interface plates.

Straight video wall configurations are most in demand but you can also count on us for curved and complex video wall configurations. Whether you are mounting a Barco UniSee video wall on the wall, floor or ceiling, Vogel's always offers the best solution.

Barco UniSee straight configurations

Are you looking for a straight configuration for a Barco UniSee video wall? We already have kits available for the most common, straight configurations of 2x2 video walls. which saves a lot of research. These kits can be ordered straight away and are always in stock, so you can quickly get started with a ceiling solution, floor solution, floor-wall solution or freestanding floor stand.

Barco UniSee complex video wall solutions

With Vogel's you can create any possible Barco configuration, in terms of size, position, mobility or flexibility. You are in the right place for complex configurations. Contact the account team of Vogel's Professional  voor more information!

UniSee curved configurations

Are you installing a Barco UniSee video wall with curved screens? Using Vogel's special UniSee Mount interface adapters, you can also mount a Barco UniSee LCD curved video wall quickly and easily on the modular Connect-it system. This creates endless possibilities.  Ask here about the possibilities for curved configurations.

Curved video wall floor mounting solution Barco Unisee | Vogel's Curved video wall floor mounting solution Barco Unisee | Vogel's

Are you looking for a specific video wall mounting solution?

We would be pleased to help look for a suitable solution.
Feel free to mail to [email protected] or contact your local Vogel's representative

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Why Vogel's

As a professional, you want to be able to install a video wall quickly and easily. The mounting should be nothing less than perfect. All of the screens need to fit together seamlessly, even in an environment that is not perfect. Our video wall solutions are meticulously designed for this very reason. You can easily align each screen on the X, Y and Z-axis, and after installation the screens remain easily accessible for maintenance.

In addition, the attractive design of our solutions blends into any environment, which is important for many clients and interior architects. Whether it's on the wall, the ceiling, the floor or freestanding, we have the right video wall solution for any situation. 

Vogel’s. For Sure.