Video Wall installation made easy with Pop-out Mounts

Directly on the wall or on a Connect-it floor solution

Modular Video Wall Pop-out Mounts

Vogel’s engineered the PFW 6706 Video Wall Pop-out Module for even faster and easier installation of LCD video walls. These pop-out mounts can be used to create unlimited video wall configurations in both landscape and portrait format. The pop-in/pop-out mechanism of the PFW 6706 guarantees quick and easy servicing and maintenance.

Vogel’s PFW 6707 Video Wall Pop-out
Vogel’s Video Wall Pop-out Mounts offer quick and safe installation plus easy servicing; ideal for public spaces.

Why choose the PFW 6706 Video Wall Pop-out Mount

  • Compatible with Vogel’s Connect-it
  • Always quick and easy service access
  • Single-latch pop-out mechanism ensures always level pop-in/pop-out display position
  • Perfect for recessed and built-in video wall installations
  • TÜV-5 certified for extra safety
  • Designed for LCD displays from 40 to 65 inches
  • Suitable for landscape and portrait mounting
  • VESA 200x200 to 600x800
  • Max. weight capacity: 45 kg
Combine a video wall pop-out mount plus 3D interface strips with a Vogel’s Connect-it interface bar for even faster and easier video wall installation

Wall mounting on any type of wall

The PFW 6706 Video Wall Pop-out Module can be mounted directly on the wall and is an ideal solution for recessed single display or video wall installations. Dedicated spacers are available to simplify installation and reduce installation time. The pop-out mounts can also be mounted on a Vogel’s Connect-it PFB 34xx interface bar for even faster installation and easy alignment. This combination is perfect for pop-out video wall installations on bumpy, uneven walls and stud walls. The video wall displays will always be perfectly aligned thanks to the 3D adjustable display interface strips (PFS 35xx, not included).

Compatible with Connect-it Floor Series

The PFW 6706 Video Wall Pop-out Module plus display interface bar can be combined with the PUC 29 video wall floor solutions. Another advantage that makes the PFW 6706 special! Unlike other Vogel’s pop-out systems, the PFW 6706 is compatible with the Vogel’s Connect-it Series. This makes it really easy to install a floor to ceiling, floor to wall or fixed to the floor video wall solution with pop-out mounts. A perfect solution for built-in video walls.

Combine the video wall pop-out mounts with the Vogel’s Connect-it PUC 29 Series to create a perfect video wall solution

Video Wall Pop-out Kits

Mount your display directly on the wall in landscape position with the PPM 6704

For your convenience, we have assembled two Video Wall Pop-out Kits. These kits consist of the  PFW 6706 Video Wall Pop-out Module and a set of 3D adjustable display interface strips. The PFS 3504 Display Interface Strips, 3D adjustable are suitable for mounting your display in landscape position (VESA 400) while the PFS 3508 Display Interface Strips, 3D adjustable enable you to mount a screen in portrait position (VESA 600/800).


Assembled Video Wall Pop-out Kits

PPM6704 Video Wall Pop-out Mount landscape

PPM6708 Video Wall Pop-out Mount portrait

Are you looking for a specific pop-out video wall mounting solution?

Would you like to mount a 2x2 or 3x3 video wall? Or even larger? We are happy to help you create your ideal LCD video wall mounting solution with pop-out mounts. Please feel free to mail to [email protected] or contact your local Vogel's representative.

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Why Vogel's

As a professional, you want to be able to install a video wall quickly and easily. The mounting should be nothing less than perfect. All of the screens need to fit together seamlessly, even in an environment that is not perfect. Our video wall solutions are meticulously designed for this very reason. You can easily align each screen on the X, Y and Z-axis, and after installation the screens remain easily accessible for maintenance.

In addition, the attractive design of our solutions blends into any environment, which is important for many clients and interior architects. Whether it's on the wall, the ceiling, the floor or freestanding, we have the right video wall solution for any situation. 

Vogel’s. For Sure.