Vogel's Guarantee

Quality & Durability since 1973

Vogel's has been producing wall mounts since 1973 and we are dedicated to developing high-quality, durable and reliable products. It is only natural, therefore, that we provide a guarantee on materials and manufacturing defects.

All of our products undergo extensive testing to ensure that they meet the strictest industry standards and requirements. They are tested in accordance with the  TÜV Nord  certification standard. .

An overview of guarantee periods

The guarantee period that applies to a product is stated on the product packaging or in the accompanying information and also with the product information on this website.

Guarantee on consumer products*

  • ELITE and SIGNATURE TVM 7655 TV Wall Mounts have a 15-year guarantee 

  • COMFORT TV Wall Mounts have a 10-year guarantee 

  • QUICK TV Wall Mounts have a 5-year guarantee 

  • SIGNATURE TVM 7675 Motorised TV Wall Mount has a 2-year guarantee

  • Electronic components and all other Vogel's consumer products have a 2-year guarantee

  • MOMO monitor mounts have a 10-year guarantee

  • Speaker brackets and stands have a 5-year guarantee

  • THIN and WALL TV Wall Mounts have a lifetime guarantee

Guarantee on professional products

  • MOMO monitor mounts have a 10-year guarantee

  • Other Vogel's Professional products have a 5-year guarantee, except for Projector lift systems and SIGNATURE TVM 7675 PRO Motorized TV Wall Mount. These have a 2-year guarantee.

Other Vogel's products have a guarantee period of at least two years. You can view the product information on this website.

*The lifespan of a product depends on the quality of the initial installation or mounting, the environment in which it is used and the manner in which it is used. Vogel’s products are not meant to be installed outdoors other than in cases specifically mentioned in the product specifications. Contact our Customer Care Team if you have any doubts about product use.

Do you have any questions about guarantees?

Durability is paramount in the development and production of our products. For this reason, we are able to provide a product guarantee for the reasonable service life of all of our wall mounts. We provide a guarantee on materials and manufacturing defects to the original owner with proof of purchase from an authorised Vogel's dealer. We resolve any issues regarding product complaints or returned products and assess all complaints based on usage.

If your product is not functioning properly due to material faults or manufacturing defects, we will repair it free of charge or replace it at our own discretion.

If a product or component is no longer available, we offer a suitable alternative.

Damage resulting from improper initial installation or improper use is not covered by this warranty. Loss of parts or costs incurred as a result of improper use are also not covered.

If you have questions about whether the lifetime guarantee is applicable or any other questions, please contact our Customer Care Team.

Do you have any other questions? Please make use of our  contact form