Monitor Mount Components

  • The modular MOMO system is built from components
  • All components are designed to be easily and quickly combined with each other
  • Configure, click, turn and install your ideal monitor arm

MOMO Monitor Arms

Vogel's MOMO® monitor arm is an advanced solution designed specifically to meet the diverse requirements of B2B workstations. And the monitor arm is also suitable for at home. The arm brings together flexibility and durability, making it suitable for smaller offices as well as large office buildings. Furthermore, the functionality of the MOMO monitor arm goes beyond a standard desk setup. It has the ability to be attached to both desks and walls, offering more versatility when setting up office environments.

  • Adaptability: Adjust the height effortlessly for the best viewing experience and ergonomics.
  • Multifunctionality: suitable for both a single monitor and multiple screens up to 43 inches.
  • Ease of installation: Quick and intuitive installation that requires no special tools.
  • Tailor-made: Choose the components to suit your specific needs for the perfect monitor configuration.
  • Reliability: TÜV certification and a 10-year warranty give you the security you need.

Superior positioning with MOMO Motion+

The MOMO Motion+ arm, equipped with the revolutionary OneFingerTM Movement system, provides unprecedented adaptability. It allows you to place your monitor exactly where you need it with minimal effort. This is particularly useful in dynamic office environments where employees frequently switch workstations. And for those who make less frequent adjustments, MOMO Motion remains a stable and user-friendly choice.

Flexibility through MOMO Components

MOMO's unique modular design allows companies to build their own monitor-arm configurations with an assortment of components. Create a monitor wall in any size, on or through the desk or on the wall. In a straight arrangement or in a curved arrangement.

Advantages of modular design:

  • Perfect composition: combine different components for a system that suits you exactly.
  • Adaptivity: Easily adapt your system to changing business needs without the need for a completely new system.
  • Cost-effective: Invest once and enjoy a system that grows with your business.

Enrichment with MOMO Accessories

MOMO accessories expand your monitor-arm configuration. These accessories, like the components, are designed for quick and hassle-free integration.

Thanks to the combination of MOMO's monitor arms and their complementary accessories, companies have all the tools they need to create a working environment that is both effective and pleasant.

Are you Looking for a special mounting solution for your monitor wall?

Whatever your question is, we are happy to help you find a suitable solution for your monitor wall. Please feel free to mail to [email protected] or contact your local Vogel's representative.

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