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Create a healthy, ergonomic workspace with Vogel's flexible, height-adjustable monitor mounts. Both at home and at the office. Whether you're dealing with one, two or multiple monitors, we have the best solution for any configuration you may need. Standard in the range you will also find a monitor mount for two screens. Attach a monitor mount to the wall or fix it to or through your desk. The possibilities are endless.

  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to install
  • TÜV certified
  • Turn, tilt and rotate your monitor in any direction

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MOMO® - the monitor mount that works everywhere.

Vogel's MOMO monitor mounts facilitate installing one or more monitors on your desk. They are rotatable, tiltable and height-adjustable. Monitor mounts can be attached to your desk in a variety of ways. Is there no way to mount them on your desk? The monitor mounts can also be attached to a wall.

  • Height-adjustable
  • Suitable for one, two or multiple monitors
  • Suitable for monitors up to 43 inches
  • Easy to assemble without tools
  • Flexible modular system
  • TÜV certified / 10-year guarantee

MOMO Motion+

If you need to adjust your monitor's height frequently, use one of the MOMO Motion+ mounts. They feature a smooth spring system that allows you to effortlessly move your monitor to any position. OneFinger™ Movement.

If you do not need to adjust the height of your monitor as often, choose one of the MOMO Motion mounts. They can be easily adjusted without the use of tools.

MOMO Accessories

 The modular MOMO system includes numerous accessories to expand your MOMO monitor mount. All accessories are designed to be easily and quickly integrated.

MOMO Components

The modular MOMO system includes numerous components to create your perfect MOMO monitor mount. All components are designed to be easily and quickly combined to create your unique monitor mount solution. Configure, click, rotate and install for a beautiful end result.

Monitor arm for desktop or desk mounting

Vogel's monitor arms have different mounting options. For example, there are monitor supports that can be clamped to the desk. If that is not possible, you can also attach this monitor arm through the desk.

Monitor arm for mounting 1 monitor

For mounting 1 monitor, Vogel's has several products in its range. Should you want to change your monitor position daily, it is advisable to choose a monitor support from the MOMO Motion Plus series. This arm series features a smooth spring system that ensures you can move your monitor up or down with just one finger and easily rotate from left to right. Ideal for a whole range of monitor brackets in the office, with regular work at (flex) desks. If you don't plan to change the position of your monitor very often, you can also opt for a monitor arm from the MOMO Motion series. This series of arms can also be adjusted in height, by means of an adjustment function (no spring system).

Monitor arm for mounting 2 monitors

For mounting 2 monitors, Vogel's has the ideal monitor arms. These allow you to mount your monitors at the ideal height tightly side by side. By mounting the monitors on a Vogel's dual monitor arm, you create a lot of space on your desk. You also always work in an ergonomically sound posture. This prevents neck and back pain. A monitor arm for 2 screens offers even more advantages. It is very useful if you need to edit multiple files at the same time on different monitors. Choose a monitor arm that suits you best. For example, MOMO 4237 from the MOMO Motion Plus Series if you want to change the position of your monitors often (OneFingerMovement) and MOMO 2237 from the MOMO Motion Series if you rarely want to change the position of your monitors.

Monitor arm for wall mounting

Don't have the option of attaching your monitor arm to or through your desk? Then Vogel's offers you the option of wall-mounting the monitor bracket. This wall bracket can be placed at any height. Vogel's has several monitor wall brackets in its range. A simple solution, for example, is MOMO 2116, a wall mount for when you need little flexibility. Still want to be flexible and be able to adjust your monitor's height and move it from left to right? Then the MOMO 4126 and MOMO 4136 is a perfect solution.

Create monitor wall for mounting multiple monitors

Multiple monitors are often used in control rooms or for gaming. For example 4, 8 or even more monitors. These monitors are placed side by side. Or even side-by-side and on top of each other, think for example of 4 monitors side-by-side and 2 rows on top of each other. That's where Vogel's has a suitable solution. The modular MOMO system consists of components. Using these, you can come up with any configuration. Both a straight configuration and an arrangement in a curved position. A combined configuration can be attached to the desk, through the desk or on the wall. Ask about the possibilities via Vogel's service and contact.

Monitor arm MOMO Motion Plus

MOMO Motion Plus monitor arms offer the user maximum flexibility. Vogel's MOMO Motion Plus series features the One-Finger™ Movement. This smooth spring system allows you to adjust your monitor to any position and height with just one finger. All for optimal ergonomic comfort. In addition to single-screen configurations, two-screen configurations are also possible. MOMO Motion Plus is suitable for screens up to 43 inches and with a maximum weight of 10 kg. 

Monitor arm MOMO Motion

The components in the MOMO Motion series allow you to configure all kinds of monitor solutions that are fully ergonomically tailored to the user. The swivel arm is easy to mount at the desired height without the use of tools. The user can then preset the distance and viewing angle and smoothly move the clicked-in monitor to the desired position. All this ensures optimal ergonomic comfort. In addition to single-screen configurations, two-screen configurations are also possible. MOMO Motion, desk pole, is suitable for screens up to 43 inches and a maximum weight of 20 kg.  

Monitor arm for any inch size screen up to 43 inches

All monitor arms in the MOMO Motion Series and MOMO Motion Plus Series are suitable for monitors up to 43 inches. So for a monitor with inch size: 10-inch, 12-inch, 13-inch, 15-inch, 17-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch, 21-inch, 22-inch, 23-inch, 24-inch, 25-inch, 26-inch, 27-inch, 28-inch, 29-inch, 31-inch, 32-inch, 34-inch, 35-inch, 37-inch, 38-inch, 39-inch, 40-inch, 41-inch, 42-inch and 43-inch.

Are you Looking for a special mounting solution for your monitor wall?

Whatever your question is, we are happy to help you find a suitable solution for your monitor wall. Please feel free to mail to [email protected] or contact your local Vogel's representative.

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