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What are the possibilities with mounting your TV?

TV wall mounting made easy - flat, tilt or full motion on the wall

Want to mount your TV on the wall? Are you looking for a TV Bracket but not quite sure which is most suitable for your situation? TV Wall Brackets come in all shapes and sizes.

Wall-mounting a TV - your options at a glance

With a Fixed TV wall mount, you can mount your TV flat against the wall as if it were a painting. Another option is the Tilting TV wall mount. With this wall mount, you can mount your TV flat against the wall but also tilt it.

If you want more freedom of movement, choose a Full-Motion TV wall mount. This flexible mount allows you to view your TV from anywhere in your living room. There are also full motion wall mounts that you can turn from a distance using your voice, an app or remote control. These are Motorised TV wall brackets, such as the MotionMount by Vogel’s.

TV to rotate and swivel - maximum flexibility

Want the perfect view of your TV from anywhere in the room? Want to turn the TV in the living room towards you at the dining table? Want to follow your favourite TV programme from the kitchen? Or would you like to place your TV in a corner of the room or in a recess/cabinet? Then take a look at our wide range of full motion and tilting (COMFORT) TV wall mounts.

These mounts offer you plenty of flexibility thanks to their extendable arm(s). You can also easily turn the TV and mount thanks to the high-quality and supple hinges.

Some more advantages of our swivel TV wall mounts for TVs to rotate:

  • You always have a great view of your TV; maximum turning angle (180 degrees) up to fully perpendicular to the wall;

  • More flexibility due to the long, extendable arms;

  • Mount your TV as flat as possible against the wall;

  • Easy to mount your TV completely straight, even after installation;

  • Tilt up to 20 degrees to prevent reflections, for example;

  • Route your cables from the TV to the wall through the arm.

Mounting TV for maximum comfort - Motorised wall mount

Want to turn your TV from the comfort of your chair? Want to turn your large & slim TV but would prefer not to do so manually? Then take a look at our most innovative and high-end products, the motorised TV bracket (MotionMount) with automatic motion.

Simply turn on your TV and this motorised TV bracket automatically turns towards you. Up to 120 degrees. Thanks to the app or your voice (Siri Voice Control), you can turn your TV to the left, right, forward or backward. Or choose one of the pre-set viewing positions. In short, this is the most innovative TV Bracket with the utmost viewing comfort.


  • Automatically turns the screen when you switch the TV on or off (up to 120 degrees);

  • Control your TV with your voice, app or remote;

  • Create up to 7 pre-programmable positions;

  • The most innovative TV bracket, manufactured from high-quality materials.

Tilt TV wall mount - For higher TV mounting

Sometimes, tilting your TV can improve your viewing experience. In a bedroom, for example, people often mount their TV higher on the wall. This makes it easier to watch TV from bed. Or would you like to mount the TV out of the reach of children.

A tilting (TILT) TV mount allows you to tilt your screen a few degrees forward. This gives you an improved viewing angle, which reduces annoying screen glare and reflections on your screen.


  • Tilt up to 20 degrees to prevent reflections, for example;

  • Your TV mount is virtually out of sight;

  • Only 1,5 cm from the wall with Vogel's ELITE TV wall mounts;

  • Very suitable for mounting on hollow walls.

Do you usually sit directly in front of the TV? Choose a Fixed TV mount!

Want to mount your TV flat against the wall? The Fixed TV Bracket allows you to mount your TV flat against the wall. With only a small gap between the television and wall, your TV looks like a painting on the wall. The Fixed TV Mounts cannot be adjusted in terms of viewing angle. If you would like this option, take a look at our Full-Motion TV wall mounts.

The ultra slim ELITE mounts allows you to easily access the cables at the back of your TV. This helps you to easily connect the cables to your equipment. Prefer to keep your TV mount out of sight? Then take a look at the fixed ELITE TV mounts. With these mounts, your TV is only 1.5 cm from the wall!


  • Your TV is like a painting on the wall;

  • Your TV mount is out of sight;

  • Only 1.5 cm from the wall with Vogel’s ELITE TV mount;

  • The cables are neatly tucked away behind the TV with the integrated cable clips;

  • Protective TV pads on the TV mount prevent your TV from being damaged on the back.

Family looking at TV Wall Mount | Vogel's

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