Video wall mounting solutions for LCD displays

For floor, wall or ceiling mounting

As a professional, you want to be able to install a video wall quickly and easily. The mounting should be nothing less than perfect. All of the screens need to fit together seamlessly, even in an environment that is not perfect. Our video wall solutions are meticulously designed for this very reason. You can easily align each screen on the X, Y and Z axis, and after installation the screens remain easily accessible for maintenance.

In addition, the attractive design of our solutions blends into any environment, which is important for many clients and interior architects. Whether it's on the wall, the ceiling, the floor or freestanding, we have the right video wall solution for any situation. 

Vogel’s. For Sure.

Connect-it, limited number of components, countless possibilities

Combining standard components, Connect-it can be used to build almost any video wall. Connect-it uses basic components for floor, wall or ceiling fitment combined with vertical and horizontal profiles. These profiles provide the basis for every type of display - from LCD to LED and Barco UniSee - that is attached to the system with a display interface.

Vogel's offers:

  • Always a solution for your project
  • Suitable for all brands and display formats
  • Standard components, available from stock
  • Complete system for video walls, from large to small

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Safety first!

When hanging a display, you want to make sure that it hangs safely and cannot be damaged. Our display strips are equipped with the Clickloc™ system. When hanging a display, you will hear an audible click that tells you that the screen is mounted securely.

This ensures that the screen is securely fastened. The ClickLoc™ also ensures that the screen stays securely in the service position. 

Easy and secure installation

Vogel's video walls are designed according to the Vogel's Easyfix™ principle and can be installed easily and seamlessly thanks to various fine adjustment options.

Guaranteed quality

Vogel's video wall solutions meet the highest quality and safety requirements. For example, our products are TÜV 5 tested, which means that the products can carry the specified weight up to 5 times.

ClickLoc™ | Vogel's
Easyfix™ | Vogel's
Tüv certified | Vogel's
Videowall solutions for LCD | Vogel's

Stylish design

Vogel's video wall solutions blend in with the environment. By using high-quality aluminium and a cable management system, the video wall is not only functional but also beautiful, with neatly concealed cables.

  • Award-winning design
  • Cable management system
  • High-quality lightweight aluminium

Pro-AV Mount Advisor

Zacznij konfigurować rozwiązanie montażowe dla a:

Wystarczy kilka kroków, aby połączyć właściwe rozwiązanie w zakresie mocowania i natychmiast poprosić o wycenę!

Service & support where it's needed!

Based on many years of experience in the development and installation of AV equipment and video walls, we offer advice and support for complex video wall projects. Where necessary, we even provide on-site advice. Our specialised team of Engineers and Product Designers is at your service for optimal product support and service!

In-house development

All Vogel's products are developed in-house. Our Mechanical Engineers and Product Designers have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of AV installation over the years.

This is bundled at one location in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. We are proud to report that this is one of the most extensive R&D departments in Europe in the field of AV mounting solutions for the business market.


  • Standard components, available from stock
  • Technical support by specialists and in-house R&D
  • Technical drawings and on-site guidance
  • Video wall configurations via online Pro-AV Mount Advisor

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