TV Mount Guide installation app

An app to help you install your Vogel's TV bracket easily and securely. The TV Mount Guide takes you step by step through the process of installing your TV bracket and helps you find the perfect position on the wall.

The TV Mount Guide uses the poster supplied as a reference point to determine the best position for your TV. You can use your tablet or smartphone to see exactly where the first hole needs to be drilled for your Vogel’s TV bracket. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Mounting a TV bracket

Anyone can do it!

Mounting your Vogel's TV bracket has never been easier

  • Find the best position for your TV using the poster supplied and the TV Mount Guide app
  • Mark the first hole with the help of the TV Mount Guide
  • Watch clear instructional videos for installing your Vogel's TV bracket
Mounting TV with a screwdriver Mounting TV with a screwdriver

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Determining the position of your TV

Mark it using the app

Man selects his TV mount
Vogel's app used on iPad
Drill hole determined with Vogel's app

In the app, select your Vogel's TV bracket and your television. The app helps you step by step with handy information and mounting videos.

You can use the poster and the camera screen on your smartphone or tablet to determine the best position on the wall for your television and where the first hole should be drilled.

The app shows you exactly where to mark the first drill hole for the ideal position of your television on the wall.

Tv Mount Guide app | Vogel's
Thanks to the TV Mount Guide app, great preparation and a clever system, mounting your TV bracket is very easy. This can be done by anyone!

Did you not get a TV mount guide app poster? Or have you lost it?
You can order it here .
Because of the accuracy you can't download and print it yourself.

Click here to download the app:

tvmountguide-ios (iOS)
tvmountguide-android (Android)