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The perfect height for your TV with TV Wall Mount | Vogel's

The perfect height

Have you recently purchased a new (smart) TV and are you planning to mount it on the wall? What is the ideal height and viewing distance? To help you in this, we have listed a number of factors for you to consider.

How to find the ideal height

There is no universal ideal height at which to mount your TV. Televisions come in a wide variety of sizes and everyone watches TV in their own individual way.
Your eye level when watching TV can be used to determine the ideal height for your TV. When you are sitting on the couch, for example. You should make sure that the middle of your TV is mounted at eye level.

If you want to mount your TV higher on a wall, for example in the kitchen, bedroom or above a fireplace, then choose a tilting TV mount. This will allow you to tilt the TV to the perfect viewing angle.

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Best viewing distance

The further away from your TV you are, the more difficult it may be to read subtitles or see small details. However, if you are too close to a large screen, the details can disappear from the corner of your eye.

What's the best way to calculate the correct viewing distance? Measure the distance to where you are located in centimeters and divide this number by 2.5 for Full HD and 1.5 for Ultra HD.

How to measure the ideal distance

How to measure, TV Wall Mount | Vogel's

See the following calculation example:

  1. Your couch is located 4 metres (400 cm) from your TV.

  2. Divide 400 cm by 2.5 = 160 cm. The result indicates that a TV screen with a diagonal dimension of around 160 cm is suitable for you.

  3. 160 cm equates to a screen size of 63 inches (160 cm divided by 2.54 = 63 inches).

  4. Take a look at the screen sizes that are closest to the size calculated to be the most comfortable.

Mount your TV

Mounting your TV on the wall offers numerous advantages! You can be flexible in choosing its height. And if you want to watch TV from different places in the room, a full-motion TV mount is a great solution.

Cable Management

And if you are looking for tips on how to conceal cables inside or on the wall.

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Our complete range of TV mounts

Curious about whether Vogel’s has a TV wall mount for you? Use our advice tool. Enter your TV model number into the tool, along with the desired functionality. You can also search without entering your TV model number or the functionality. But if you enter the model number, we can give you more specific advice.

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We support you:

Vogel's has made every effort to ensure that the installation is as easy as possible. Every TV mount includes a installation guide as well as mounting materials, such as screws and plugs. You can also find instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

Do you have difficulty choosing the best location to drill the first hole? The DrillRight App, especially developed by Vogel's, makes it easier to place the first hole and is extremely accurate. And it is tailored to your specific TV.

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