TV Wall Mounts - Tilt


Check compatibility by entering your TV brand and model. The model number is usually displayed on a sticker at the back of the TV. For example: 'LG 55EG920V'


How would you like to watch television?

Flat - Flat TV Wall Mounts

Do you usually sit right in front of the TV?

Then a flat, fixed TV wall mount is the best choice for you. Your TV will look like a painting on the wall!

Tilt - Tilting TV Wall Mounts

Want to mount your TV a little higher?

Above a fireplace or high on your bedroom wall? That's no problem with a tilting TV wall mount. Just tilt the TV screen towards you.

Turn - Full-Motion TV Wall Mounts

Want a great view of your TV from different parts of the room?

You always get a great view with a full-motion TV wall mount. No matter where you sit.


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  1. Functionality: Tilt

Our Tilt products for your TV

THIN series - tilting

THIN series - tilting

An elegant, innovative TV wall mount, the thinnest of them all: only centimeters from the wall

WALL series - tilting

WALL series - tilting

A solid TV wall mount with a stylish, contemporary design made for every TV at home

BASE series - tilting

BASE series - tilting

A basic and affordable TV wall mount to fix your TV easy to the wall