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M 32-65"
Max 25 kg
M OLED 32-65"
Max 25 kg
L 40-77"
Max 35 kg
L OLED 40-77"
Max 35 kg
Full motion (up to 180°)
Full-Motion TV Wall Mount
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    Your TV stylishly, safely and turnable on the wall
    Stylish design. Robust and secure. With the COMFORT Full-Motion TV wall mount, watching TV becomes a real pleasure for everyone. Not only is your TV mounted beautifully and 'family proof' on the wall, you are also assured of optimal viewing comfort. Because you can easily turn the TV, you always have a perfect view from any corner of the room.

    Developed for years of intensive use
    The COMFORT Full-Motion TV wall mount was specially developed for years of intensive use. There's a good reason that you get a 10-year warranty. This makes it ideal for families with children. A safe and comfortable idea.

    Easy to use
    Thanks to One-Finger™ Movement, you can smoothly move the TV to any position with just one finger. Tilting and fixing your TV safely is just as easy thanks to the unique TiltAnchor™ system. All for a great user experience.

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