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What is VESA, TV Wall Brackets | Vogel's

What is VESA?

Determine the VESA size

All of Vogel's TV mounts are compatible with the VESA Interface Standard. This page explains how to measure your TV's VESA size yourself. Originally, the VESA interface pattern consisted of 100 x 100 mm horizontal and vertical steps.

What does VESA actually mean?

The VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) interface is the distance between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV (shown as 'horizontal distance x vertical distance').
This interface is commonly used to mount screens on wall mounts or stands.

Generally speaking:

  • TVs up to 32 inches usually have a VESA of 100x100 mm;

  • VESA 200x200 is common for TVs up to 55 inches;

  • TVs larger than 55 inches usually have a VESA of 300x300 or even 400x400;

  • TVs larger than 65 inches usually have a VESA of 600x400.

What is the VESA TV wall mount size for your TV?

Measuring the distance between the (four) horizontal and vertical holes on the back of your TV is the fastest and easiest way to find the VESA size for your TV.

The first distance stated for a VESA interface is always the horizontal distance. The second distance is the vertical distance between the holes.

These two measurements produce the following format: HORIZONTAL x VERTICAL = VESA interface pattern.

How do you measure the VESA of your TV?

Card image

Measure your VESA in 35 seconds...

The video below shows a quick and easy way to measure your VESA.

Measurement of fastening points

  • VESA 100x100 - The fastening points are 10 cm apart

  • VESA 200x200 - The fastening points are 20 cm apart

  • VESA 300x300 - The fastening points are 30 cm apart

  • VESA 400x200 - The fastening points are horizontally 40 cm and upright 20 cm apart

  • VESA 400x400 - The fastening points are 40 cm apart

  • VESA 600x400 - The fastening points are horizontally 60 cm and upright 40 cm apart

Is there a wall mount that fits the VESA pattern of your TV?

Vogel's TV wall brackets are designed to match the VESA pattern of your TV based on its size in inches, width, height, depth and weight. We have developed a handy tool to help you find the best wall-mounting solution for your TV. This tool displays all of the wall mounts that fit your TV.

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