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Sonos Era speaker mount, Sonos Era 300 livingroom | Vogel's

Ideal height speakers for best sound

What is the best way to set up speakers? 

As an audio enthusiast, you want to get the most out of your audio system. And, of course, enjoy the best sound quality. That's why you invest in nice, powerful speakers. But make sure you don't forget the placement. Indeed, speaker height and placement make a big difference in how you experience audio quality. We would like to give you some tips. 

Tips for ideal speaker set-up

  1. Place speakers at ear level

  2. Do not put them directly on the ground

  3. Determine the distance to the wall

  4. Choose the right listening position

How do you determine the ideal height for your speakers? 

The rule of thumb for the ideal height for your speakers is that the speakers should be at ear height. We assume that you often listen sitting down. This way, the sound from the speakers goes in a clear direction, i.e. the direction of your ear. Do you have speakers you want to place at ear level? Then place your speaker on a floor stand or mount it with a wall mount.  

Distance from the wall 

Besides the ideal height of the speakers, the position in the room where they will be placed is also important. We recommend always checking the manual of your new speakers. This often recommends the distance from the wall. For Sonos Era speakers, for example, this is 2.5 cm from the wall if the speakers are on a stand. Going to mount them? Then they recommend 60 cm of free space above them. 

Importance of distance and height of speakers

Why is distance also important? Certain tones are amplified by placement. The further a speaker is in the corner, the more the bass is amplified, for example. Above all, test out what offers the best sound experience for you.  

Get the right listening position

We discussed the ideal height of the speakers and best distance. Now all that remains is the right listening position. This can vary from speaker to speaker. The rule of thumb is still to place speakers at ear height as much as possible. Do you have two speakers? Then make sure the distance is between two and four metres. And make sure the sound can get to your ears as uninterrupted as possible.  

Ideal height of speakers: wall mount versus floor stands 

Sonos Era speaker floor stand livingroom | Vogel's

Both a loudspeaker wall mount, and a floor stand offer the chance to transmit sound without interruption. Wall mounts should hang in the corner of the room and turn towards the listening position. No furniture then stands in the way of the best sound experience. 

Floor stands often have a fixed height. This not only ensures stability, but also gives you the freedom to easily place the speaker floor stands behind or next to the sofa. Depending on where the sound can reach your ears uninterrupted.  

Cable management

 Now you know how to put your precious speakers at the ideal height and best position. We understand that besides the best sound experience, aesthetics are also important. You don't want to be annoyed by looking at loose cables right at the time when your favourite album is on. Route the cables using a cable cover if the speaker is hanging. Do you put the speakers on a floor stand? Then use the cable inlay system in our speaker floor stands.   

Range of loudspeaker wall mounts and floor stands

At Vogel's, you'll find a wide range of speaker wall mounts and floor stands. For example, especially for Sonos speakers, but also for Bowers & Wilkins and universal solutions. The sleek, timeless design of our wall mounts and floor stands fits into any living room. Choose the speaker floor stand or wall mount that suits you. 

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