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Perfect speaker stand and wall mount for Sonos Era 100/300
Sonos Era speaker mount, Sonos Era 300 livingroom | Vogel's

Sonos Era

Perfect speaker stand and wall mount for Sonos Era 100/300

Are you the proud owner of Sonos Era 100 or Sonos Era 300 speakers? Are you also going for the optimal listening experience? Then add the finishing touch to your sound experience with Vogel's floor stands or wall mounts specially designed for the Sonos Era.

  • Specially designed for Sonos Era speakers
  • Optimal listening experience
  • Floor stands with integrated cable management (CIS ®)

Why should you opt for a Sonos Era speaker stand or wall mount?

Why should you opt for wall mounts or floor stands for your Sonos Era system? After all, you could just as easily place the speakers on a dresser or a shelf. The answer is simple: by using wall mounts or floor stands, you can create the ultimate sound experience.

Sonos Era 100, speaker mounts | Vogel's

Specially designed for Sonos Era 100 and Sonos Era 300

The Sonos Era 100 and Sonos Era 300 speakers are unique in terms of design and sound experience. Vogel's has introduced a special range of floor stands and wall mounts exclusively for the Sonos Era series. They come in black or white, matching the speaker colours.

Sonos Era 100, wall mount | Vogel's

3 reasons why you should use Sonos Era speaker stands or wall mounts

1. Superior sound experience 

Want to get the best sound out of your Sonos Era?
Make sure your speaker is positioned as unobstructed as possible in your room. Have you placed your speaker on a piece of furniture? The surface will vibrate with it and the sound will bounce off it too, but at the expense of the dynamics, clarity and power of the music. 

Good to know: Vogel's Sonos Era solutions have all undergone acoustical testing. So you can be sure of getting the most optimal sound experience.

2. Sound at ear height

The ideal position for placing your Sonos Era speakers is at ear height. You can set this up no problem by using a speaker stand or a wall mount. 
The Sonos Era floor stand is 82 cm in height. You can easily place it behind or next to your couch. And for good reason, as most people listen to music while sitting down, either on a chair or on the couch. 

3. Aesthetic and space-saving design

When you choose a speaker stand or wall mount, you're choosing a stylish solution. Thanks to its sleek and slim design, the Sonos Era floor stand blends in almost indiscernibly with your décor.

And that is especially true of the Sonos Era wall mounts.
Your speakers hang separately away from the wall. The mounts themselves stay completely out of sight.

Plus, you save space with Sonos Era wall mounts. No need to free up space on a dresser or another piece of furniture. You can place your Sonos Era speakers anywhere in your home with these wall mounts.

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Opting for a Sonos Era speaker stands or wall mounts?

The floor stands and wall mounts are great options for mounting the Sonos Era 100 and Sonos Era 300 speakers. But when should you opt for floor stands and when for wall mounts?
It all depends on which criteria you think are important. 

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What do you need?

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Want the flexibility to move your Sonos Era speakers around? And would you prefer not to drill holes in the wall? Then go for speaker stands.

For the sake of stability, the height is not adjustable. Other than that, you can place the Sonos Era speaker stand anywhere you like.

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