Barco UniSee video wall mounting solutions

As a preferred supplier for Barco UniSee video wall mounts, we have developed special mounting adapters together with Barco. This ensures the UniSee Mount looks its best in any configuration. You can also find assembled kits from the modular Vogel's Connect-it series for the most common 2x2 video walls.

  • Barco UniSee video walls provide seamless connections 
  • Unique maintenance system 
  • Standard solutions with our 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 12x12 video wall kits 
  • A modular system provides unlimited solutions

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Use Vogel's Connect-it to install a Barco UniSee video wall

Vogel's' proven Connect-it system forms the basis for mounting LCD video walls. You can easily put together a video wall of virtually any size using a limited number of components. With special Vogel's UniSee mounting adapters you can create any type Barco UniSee video wall configuration: ceiling, floor, floor-wall, floor-ceiling, back-to-back, freestanding, fixed, or mobile.

All the benefits of Vogel's Connect-it:

  • Dedicated UniSee mounting adapters
  • Modular and universal system
  • Lightweight aluminium profiles
  • Integrated cable management
  • Quick and easy installation
  • TÜV-5 certified  

Straight, curved or complex Barco UniSee video wall

Vogel's Connect-it series is a modular system. This enables you to assemble all the parts for mounting a Barco UniSee video wall yourself, from floor plate to ceiling mount and different lengths of poles and interface plates. Straight video wall configurations are most in demand but you can also count on us for curved and complex video wall configurations. Whether you are mounting a Barco UniSee video wall on the wall, floor or ceiling, Vogel's always offers the best solution.

Complex Barco UniSee configurations

With Vogel's you can create all possible Barco configurations: in terms of size, position, mobility and flexibility. You are in the right place for complex configurations. Contact us and we will put together any configuration you wish. 



Barco UniSee video wall in curved configuration

Are you installing a Barco UniSee video wall with curved screens? Using Vogel's special UniSee Mount interface adapters, you can also mount a Barco UniSee LCD curved video wall quickly and easily on the modular Connect-it system. Ask about all the possibilities for curved configurations here.


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