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A video wall with multiple displays adds a wow factor to any environment. Video walls are ideal for striking advertising in shopping malls, beautiful images in a lobby or office, and are ideal for control rooms. Nonetheless, professional solutions are needed to seamlessly connect video wall displays. Vogel's has the answer for LCD and LED displays, where each screen is easily aligned on the X, Y and Z axes. View our complete range of video wall mounting solutions.

  • LCD and LED display solutions 
  • Each screen aligned on the X, Y and Z axes
  • Accessible maintenance options 
  • TÜV-5 certified 

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What is a video wall mount?

A video wall mount is a device designed to attach and support multiple screens with the aim of creating an extensive and immersive visual display. It is specially designed to allow multiple screens to be installed in perfect alignment, with no demarcation between them. A video wall Mount offers a practical solution for creating digital signage configurations in a variety of environments such as lobbies, conference rooms, shopping centres, control rooms and many more.

This type of support allows screens to be securely fixed to the wall, providing a safe and stable installation. It is designed to support the weight of the screens and ensure that they remain in place during use. In addition, the video wall mount usually offers adjustment functions that allow each screen to be precisely aligned along the X, Y and Z axes. This ensures a smooth, consistent image.

The video wall support is an essential element in creating striking and captivating display installations. It makes it easy to arrange the screens and maintain them later. Thanks to its well thought-out design, it also provides easy access to screens for maintenance, repair or replacement.

The videowall support is an essential accessory for creating professional video walls.

Creating a video wall requires an expert

Vogel’s is the “Professional” when it comes to installing LCD video walls.
We provide the right mounting solution for every type of video wall.

For over 50 years Vogel’s has been engineering and producing tv and display mounts with maximum safety and quality in mind. All of our products were thoroughly tested and developed for an easy and safe installation. No matter if you are looking for a solution for your video wall or monitor mounts for your office - we provide easy and safe solutions for a professional environment. Browse our products and find high quality display mounts for the wall or ceiling, for single monitors or installing video walls.

Mount a video wall with any type of display

Are you installing a video wall with LED screens, LCD TVs,
LCD displays or LED panels? It's all the same to us. We provide solutions for every type of display. Find your specific solution here:

LCD video wall solutions

LED video wall solutions

Create your own video wall for your office or conference room

With the modular Connect-it system, you can position your video wall any way you like. On the floor, on the wall or even on the ceiling. The modular system is suitable for any mount and display type.

Mounts, stands or carts for your video wall?

With Vogel's video wall solutions, you can attach the desired number of screens to the wall, ceiling or floor using a bracket. A video wall trolley is ideal for mobile use. For classrooms, meeting rooms, conferences, pop-up salesrooms or exhibitions, a trolley allows you to place your video wall according to the space and your needs. The wide variety of professional video wall solutions engineered and produced by Vogel's let you choose the right mounts and accessories for every application.

Video wall configuration

No standard solution? Create your own video wall set up. Our handy configuration tool helps you put together your ideal video wall. Whether it's a 3x3 video wall, a video wall with 46-inch screens or a video wall with LED screens.

Get started with the video wall configurator

Start configuring a mounting solution for a videowall

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