S002.1661 Rental Set 3, 70-115cm

In project work, especially within the rental market, time is of the essence. Hence, the design of the project mount allows beamers to be installed quickly.

Set 3 includes ball joint, ball clamp ring with handles to mount it on a truss and a mount plate with quarter-turn latches.

Efficient installation
This set allows you to quickly and easily attach your projector to a pole without tools. This requires the projector to be fitted with a projector-specific mount or a universal mount in rental version.

Insulation against electricity
The top section of Set 3 for rent is insulated in such a way that wrapping tape around the truss to avoid interference disturbances is no longer necessary.

The ball joint is easy to adjust using the special rental ring.

  • A length of minimum 713 mm (28.0 inches) and maximum 1163 mm (45.8 inches)
  • Equipped with lifting eyes for additional safety fixings
  • Exclusive ceiling mount

S002.1661 Rental Set 3, 70-115cm

Specifications For S002.1661 Rental Set 3, 70-115cm

EAN single box
Product group
Rental projection
5 years
Min. distance to ceiling (mm)
Max. distance to ceiling (mm)
Up to 360°
Tilt up to 20°
Max. weight load (kg)
Max. weight load (lbs)

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