Motorized display lift accessories

By adding extra accessories, you can easily turn a Motorized Display and TV lift into a comprehensive solution. Attaching accessories keeps peripherals neatly in one place and there are no loose cables or messy installations. For RISE Series motorized Display lifts the following attachable accessories have been developed.

  • Ideal combination with RISE series Motorised Display and TV Lifts
  • Easy to install or add later
  • Secure storage for peripherals

Accessory Benefits for Display Lifts

Adding accessories to a motorized display lift for use in educational or office environments can offer several benefits:

Enhanced Functionality:

A document camera for instance can allow educators to display objects to a larger audience. Or additional connectivity options can make presentations more versatile, through a connected sound bar for instance.

Improved User Experience:

Incorporating a wireless presentation remote or a touch panel control system can make it easier for presenters to navigate through content. This can streamline presentations and lectures, making them more engaging and efficient for both presenters and audience members.

Attachable accessories to fit RISE Series

All RISE Motorized Display Lifts can be expanded with accessories of all sorts to enhance the functionality and user experience of the Display Lift. Combine these accessories with the RISE A111 Accessory Mounting Kit 800 VESA or RISE A174 Accessory Mounting Kit 1000 VESA, depending on the width of the interactive display used.

Sound bar Bracket

With a sound bar bracket accessory for a motorized display lift, you can easily attach a sound bar beneath your display, enhancing audio quality without taking up extra space. By securely mounting the sound bar, you can enjoy enhanced sound clarity and depth while moving the display lift up and down. 

Laptop support

With the laptop support accessory for a motorized display lift, you can securely mount and display your laptop alongside your screen. The support ensures stability and accessibility, enhancing user experience during presentations or collaborative work sessions.

Video conferencing camera tray

You can use this camera accessory to securely mount and adjust a video conferencing camera onto a motorized display lift, allowing seamless integration of video conferencing capabilities into your presentation or meeting setup.

Mounting Bracket small Peripherals top of screen

Attach small peripherals like cameras, microphones or AV transmitters on top of a motorized display lift, ensuring they move in sync with the screen's movement for optimal positioning and functionality.

Looking for extra support and stability when mounting RISE motorized display and TV llifts?

Stud Wall Adapter:

Stud wall adapters provide extra support and stability for the RISE motorized display lifts within a wall that is constructed with studs (vertical framing members). It serves as a mounting interface ensuring secure installation and proper weight distribution.

And in case you need extra flexibility in mounting the motorized display lift within a wall that may have variations in spacing in depth, extra Flexible (Stud) Wall Brackets are available.

Other accessories for our RISE motorized display and TV lifts are:

With the mounting bracket peripherals, numerous small peripherals can be secured to the Vogel’s RISE motorized display lifts. Any peripheral can differ in size and can be added to the bar horizontally or vertically.

Extensions such as Extension wall bracket 7 – 13 cm or Extension wall bracket 13 – 19 cm. This accessory enables flexible wall mounting options due to depth issues such as power connection hubs.

Extended strip 800 VESA can add that extra length needed due to the extended width of the interactive display used.

Hidden storage unit

Use the hidden storage unit accessory for a motorized display lift to conceal equipment, keeping them out of sight when not in use. It safeguardes items from theft or damage while not in active use. Combine this with the matching Extension Bare for Hidden Storage Unit.

All these additional Vogel’s RISE accessories are developed to transform a Motorized Display and TV lift into a complete solution for use in any education environment, corporate space, control room or hospitality area.