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Apps that work for you!

Download Vogel's DrillRight and MotionMount app here

Making it as easy as possible. This is very important to us. Not only in terms of our products, but also our services. Here, you find apps that will help you install our TV wall brackets.

And also apps you can use to operate our motorised products. Vogel's has developed the following apps to make things easier for you:

DrillRight™ - A smart installation app

Quick and easy with the DrillRight App, mounting a QUICK TV wall mount | Vogel's

Drilling the first hole is often a stumbling block when mounting a TV wall bracket. Our Drillright* app makes it easier to mark the spot accurately, to within a centimetre. Taking your specific TV into account.

PS: Did you know the DrillRight app is formerly known as the Vogel's TV Mount Guide app.

We'll give you a hand

  1. First download the app* 

  2. Next, remove the poster from the packaging and place it on the wall, roughly where you would like to mount your TV 

  3. In just a few steps, we help you to decide exactly where your TV should be mounted

  4. We advise you on the best mounting height for your TV 

  5. We show you where to drill the first hole, to within a centimetre

  6. And we help you through the rest of the TV bracket mounting procedure

Did you not get a TV mount guide app poster? Or have you lost it? You can order it here. Because of the accuracy you can't download and print it yourself.

Download the app
DrillRight App (iOS)
DrillRight App (Android)

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MotionMount app - An app for added convenience

Motorised TV Wall Mount control with app | Vogel's

Program up to 7 presets

TVs should adapt to you, not the other way round. That's the beauty of this app*! Our Vogel's TVM 7675 motorised TV wall bracket allows you to set up to seven viewing positions to suit everyone at home.

Program motorised TV wall brackets

The MotionMount* app offers a convenient way to install presets for our electronic products.

Download the app for SIGNATURE TVM 7675 + TVM 7675 PRO:
MotionMount (iOS)
MotionMount (Android)

* The MotionMount app is available for Vogel’s (SIGNATURE) TVM 7675 MotionMount or (SIGNATURE) TVM 7675 MotionMount PRO and is suitable for Apple and Android.

App features:

  • 7 presets for your TV

  • Automatically adjust and fix the turning settings

  • Operating the wall bracket via tablet or smartphone

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