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Watch TV in your caravan or motorhome | Vogel's

Watch TV in your caravan or motorhome

What to consider when mounting a TV bracket in your caravan/motorhome

No need to miss out on your favorite TV show, movie or the news when you're on holiday and have your TV mounted in your caravan or motorhome. We will explain how to securely install your TV in your caravan or motorhome. Without causing accidents and harm to you and your travelers and your TV. Vogel’s offers over 50 years of experience in mounting TV brackets.  

Please note:  the tips on this page have been compiled with the utmost care. Want to be sure of the safest result? Contact a professional constructor, installer and/or specialist. 

Why mount your TV in your caravan or motorhome?

Whenever you park your motorhome or caravan in your perfect holiday location after a long drive, you just want to sit down watch your favorite show without the hassle of setting up your TV, or lacking the space required to setup a TV. More importantly, you don’t want the unpleasant surprise of a broken television that has been thrown around during the trip. The perfect solution to these problems is a safe and secure motorhome or caravan TV bracket.

With knowing the advantages of a TV bracket in your caravan/motorhome, the next step is installing one yourself. However, improper installation of a TV mount can cause damage to the interior of your motorhome or caravan, as well as your TV.

By following our steps you can ensure a safe and stable installation that will provide you with the perfect setup to watch your favorites TV shows even away from home.  

What to consider when mounting your TV in your caravan | Vogel's

3 steps for mounting your TV in your caravan or camper

1. Choose the right TV and TV bracket

Selecting the right TV bracket is crucial for a secure and reliable installation. When choosing a bracket, consider two essential factors: weight capacity and VESA compatibility with your TV.

  • The weight capacity of the bracket should exceed the weight of your TV to ensure proper support.

  • Ensure that the bracket is compatible with the VESA pattern on the back of your TV, as this determines the mounting hole configuration. 

Of course, the type of bracket should suit your needs. At Vogel’s we recommend a fixed or tilting bracket for inside your caravan. These brackets are sturdy and stay firmly in place which are best suited for frequent traveling. 

2. Determine a stable mounting surface

An important step in safely mounting a TV bracket is to determine whether you can mount the wall bracket in the desired location. Not all walls or panels inside your motorhome or caravan will be secure enough to hold the weight of a wall bracket and a TV.  

  • Identify a wall or panel that can support the weight and ensures stability.

  • Check for areas with wires, pipes, or other obstructions that may interfere with the installation process or compromise the structural integrity.

Generally when an area has shelves or cabinets mounted to it, there is a form of bracing in the walls to support the weight. That is a good starting point to identify the wall where you want to mount your bracket.

If you are unsure if the wall of your caravan or motorhome is secure enough, always seek out the help of an expert or professional installer.  

3. Secure the TV bracket to your caravan

When securing the TV bracket to your caravan or motorhome, it's crucial to follow the instructions and any advice a professional has given.

Be aware that for secure mounting we advise you to use the right tools. Including a drill suitable for your surface area, screwdriver and tape measure. Different brackets may require specific mounting techniques, take that into account.

Now secure the bracket firmly to the wall or panel, ensuring a strong and reliable attachment. With the TV bracket securely installed, it's time to mount your TV onto it.  

Add an extra plate

We recommend adding an extra reinforcement plate at all times. That way it ensures no damage is done to the structural integrity of your motorhome or caravan. The extra plate can help to distribute the weight of the mount and the television through the wall and mounting points. This will not only make your mount safer but also prevents damage to your camper or caravan.

Testing the stability and safety of the mounted TV

Watch TV in your caravan or motorhome | Vogel's

Once the TV is mounted, it's essential to test its stability and safety. Check for firm attachment between the TV and the bracket, ensuring that there are no loose connections. Carefully try and move the TV to ensure it remains securely in place, even during vehicle movement. Test the bracket to verify that the TV stays stable and doesn't wobble or sag. 

During travelling you can always add an extra strap to help keep everything in place. If you followed our tips but still feel anxious about driving around your camper or caravan with your TV mounted to the bracket. Don’t hesitate to disconnect your TV from the mount and put the screen on or in your bed. Vogel’s TV brackets are made with ease of use in mind and are easy to remove.  

Looking for a great TV wall bracket for your motorhome or caravan? Take a look at our range TV wall brackets and enjoy the perfect TV experience at your holiday location.