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Soundbar Brackets

  • For best audio experience

  • Soundbar turns with your TV

  • Fits most soundbar brands

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Vogel's SOUND 3550 Sound Bar Mount - Product
SOUND 3550
Soundbar Mount
For any soundbarOptimal sound
Vogel's SOUND 1250 Soundbar Mount - Product
SOUND 1250
Soundbar Mount
For any soundbarOptimal sound

TV bracket with soundbar mount

By mounting your soundbar to your TV wall bracket, the sound from your soundbar turns with your TV. This provides a better sound. Vogel’s soundbar mounts are specially designed to produce the best audio experience and fit virtually any soundbar brand. Soundbar brackets come in universal designs or are tailored for specific brands, like Samsung, Bose, LG, or Sonos. It's important to choose a bracket that's compatible with your soundbar model for a secure fit.

Bose Soundbar Wall Brackets: Enhancing Your Audio Experience

Bose soundbar wall brackets are a pivotal component in creating the perfect home audio setup. A Vogel's soundbar bracket is suitable for Bose soundbars, these mounts ensure a seamless, secure, and visually appealing mounting solution that elevates your audio experience.

Samsung soundbar bracket

A soundbar bracket is an excellent addition to your Samsung home audio setup. Improving both audio performance and the look of your entertainment area.