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MOMO monitor arm in your home | Vogel's

Working from home? Mount your monitor in an ergonomic position

Have you set up an office space at home?

Or transformed your dining table into a home office? Does the kitchen table serve as your new desk? Then make sure that your monitor is set up at the right height.

Working for hours in a non-ergonomic position is counter productive. With a monitor mount or bracket (also called a monitor arm) you can adjust your screen to the right height and distance and prevent neck and shoulder complaints.

Why choose a monitor arm?

  • Trusted Vogel's quality; for both private and business end users

  • Choice of wall or desktop mounting

  • Height adjustable, rotate and tilt options

  • Working with two screens? With a monitor arm for two screens it can be done

  • Easy to install

Mount your monitor on desk or wall

Do you want to secure your monitor to your desk?

MOMO on your desk | Vogel's

At an eye level that's comfortable for you? A monitor arm with a desk mount gives you that possibility. The arm is both rotatable, tiltable and adjustable in height. This prevents neck and shoulder complaints. These brackets can be attached or mounted to your desktop in different ways.

Of course, everyone's work is different and the ideal monitor location also differs for everyone. The monitor arm for your desktop offers a lot of flexibility to place it what suits you.

How do you mount your monitor to the wall?

MOMO against the wall | Vogel's

Is your desk against a wall? Or do you want to save space on your desk? Then mounting the monitor arm to the wall might be an option for you. Not only do you save space, but you also easily rotate or tilt your screen to the desired position.

Another advantage? The entire MOMO Series monitor arms include a gas spring. This allows you to move your monitor smoothly up and down to the right height without the arm slackening off.

Benefits of MOMO

  • Suitable for monitors up to 43 inches

  • 3 pivot points for correct ergonomics

  • Integrated cable routing system

  • Supports various VESA standards

  • By gas spring, even smoother rotation

  • Expandable with accessories

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How can you combine 2 monitor screens?

If you work with 2 screens at the same time, the MOMO for two screens offers a solution. Easy to install and your monitors are perfectly aligned and move independently on each other or as one screen.

  • Screens can be mounted horizontally or vertically

  • Maximum load 10 kg

  • Suitable for monitors up to 34 inches

  • Flexible modular system

Why a Vogel's Monitor Arm?

Vogel's monitor mounts have the trusted Vogel's quality. Our monitor mounts have been used for years by both consumers and by end users in various business settings. The products are easy to mount, mounting materials are included and come with a long warranty period. View the total assortment here.