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The monitor mount that works everywhere
MOMO Home Office | Vogel's


The monitor mount that works everywhere

Vogel's MOMO is the stylish, functional monitor arm that fits and works anywhere. Easily attach MOMO to your desktop or wall. Click your monitor onto it, set the ideal screen position and you're done. In no time you can create the perfect ergonomic solution. Thanks to its minimalist design, MOMO blends beautifully into the room. At the same time you can see its beautiful timeless design made from the best and most durable materials.

  • Iconic and timeless design
  • High-quality materials
  • Modular, durable system
  • Easy installation
  • Awards: RedDot Design Award, iF Design Award & G100

Iconic and timeless design

With its timeless design and iconic look, the MOMO monitor arm fits seamlessly into any home and workplace. Your monitor floats above your desk, so to speak. And because your screen is no longer on the tabletop, it creates more space to work ergonomically.

Always a monitor arm that meets your needs
MOMO is available in several versions. MOMO Motion and MOMO Motion+. As a result, there is always a MOMO monitor arm that meets all your needs.

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MOMO Motion monitor arm: full motion and height adjustable

The MOMO Motion series is a pivoting, height-adjustable monitor arm. For example:

  • The MOMO Motion 2127 you can rotate 180° (2 x 90°)

  • The MOMO Motion 2237 is suitable for mounting 2 monitors, each of which you can rotate 180° (2 x 90°)

MOMO Motion monitor arms are suitable for screens up to 43 inches and have a carrying capacity of up to 20 kg per arm.

Installing a monitor arm? Super simple

Integrated Allen key

Integrated Allen key | Vogel's

Installing MOMO is extremely easy. All you need is the supplied Allen key. Use this to attach the table clamp securely to your desktop in no time. You will only need a drill when the product is mounted on the wall or in a desktop.

Cable management system

Cable management system | Vogel's

Neatly tuck away your cables thanks to the integrated cable management system. It provides enough room for 4 thick cables. Stainless steel clips hold the cables securely in place.

Fixed with just one click

Fixed with just one click | Vogel's

After attaching the included VESA adapter to your monitor, mount the screen to the MOMO monitor arm with just one click. You can also detach the monitor with just one click. Useful for maintenance.

High-quality materials, long lifespan

Lagers | Vogel's

Only the finest materials have been used for MOMO. So you are assured of a safe solution with a long lifespan. For example, MOMO monitor arms contain special bearings to make them move very smoothly and last an extremely long time. Endurance tests show that the arms last at least 50,000 motion cycles without loss of quality.

The safe choice for your monitor

Safe | Vogel's

Despite the slim, minimalist design, the monitor support is very sturdy and robust. MOMO is the first monitor arm with a TÜV-3 certification. This means that MOMO has been tested to 3 times its maximum load capacity and meets the strictest safety requirements.

Each monitor arm is also secured with a 180° rotation stop to avoid damage to the wall and monitor and prevent cable breakage.

MOMO: the sustainable solution

MOMO 2127 | Vogel's

With MOMO, you opt for a sustainable solution. The entire MOMO range is modular and consists of only a few components. All of these components are designed for a second life. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and are therefore easy to repair, expand or reuse. 

In addition, careful thought has been given to the use of materials. All components are made of high-quality materials, giving the products a long lifespan.  

100% recyclable packaging

Packaging MOMO | Vogel's

Our love for design and sustainability is not only reflected in our products, but also in our packaging. The modular packaging design minimises packaging volume.

All packaging materials are made from reusable raw materials. So you won't encounter any single-use plastics. As a result, the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Want to expand your MOMO monitor arm?

The modular MOMO system has numerous components and accessories to expand your MOMO monitor arm. Every component and accessory is designed to be easily and quickly integrated. 

Suitable accessories for your monitor arm can be found with the product under additional options.