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Home office set-up

How to ensure an ergonomic workplace

Hybrid working: one day you work from home and the next you are in the office. It is a well-known phenomenon. Where an ergonomic workplace is set up in the office, you want to experience that same comfort at home too. How do you design your home office ergonomically? 

What is ergonomics and why is it important for your home office? 

The purpose of ergonomic working? Functioning optimally without physical complaints. For people working at a computer, it's all about the right working posture. We're happy to help you with that.  

This is how to create an ergonomic home workplace

Adjustable desk

MOMO at home | Vogel's

With an adjustable desk, you can easily adjust the ideal height yourself. The important thing here is that your arms form a 90-degree angle when you sit at your desk. Of course, a height-adjustable office chair is indispensable here.  

Monitor adjustable in height

Adjustable monitor height | Vogel's

The viewing distance and angle of your monitor play an important role in ergonomic working. Make sure your monitor is at eye level and that you are about an arm's length away from it. In addition, keep a close eye on whether the font on your screen is too small. You don't want to have to bend over or squint your eyes to see anything.  

A monitor arm that can be adjusted in height and distance is the perfect solution here. So you bring the monitor towards you during the working day for the perfect distance. And gently push it back towards the wall after the working day.  

Ergonomic accessories for home office

MOMO accessories | Vogel's

Desk check. Monitor arm check. Now for the accessories for an ergonomic working position. A computer mouse and keyboard can contribute to your healthy workplace. Ergonomic keyboards and a computer mouse are designed to support the natural posture of your hands and wrists. This reduces or even prevents symptoms. 

Why MOMO is your best friend in an ergonomic home workplace

MOMO for your monitor | Vogel's

Vogel's has developed MOMO, a monitor arm that helps set up your workspace ergonomically. The great thing? It can be attached to a desk or on the wall. This is how you create the perfect workspace, at home or in the office. 

Working with two screens at home

Mount to monitors to MOMO | Vogel's

MOMO is the solution for this too. This monitor arm is ideal for ergonomically positioning two or more screens. And thanks to the mechanical spring system, MOMO always keeps monitors firmly suspended. 


Investing in a good home office is worthwhile. Check with your employer on how they can support. With the right equipment, such as the MOMO monitor arm, you're always in the right place. Want to know more about MOMO?

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