Adaptor Kit - OLED

Adaptor Kit - OLED

Adaptor Kit - OLED

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Vogel's Adaptor Kit - OLED - Detail
Vogel's Adaptor Kit - OLED - Product
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    One strip for asymmetric VESA
    2 x M6 x 8
    4 x M6 x 20
    2 Spacers 10 mm

    What are Service and Adaptor Kits?

    Vogel's supplies its products in the most complete form possible, including all the necessary mounting materials. In exceptional circumstances, special materials may be required to mount a TV. This might be the case if the TV has an irregular shape (e.g. a bulge at the back), for example. As a service, Vogel's has assembled a number of adapter and service kits to help you mount these unusual screens.