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Sustainability | Vogel's


Vogel's. For Tomorrow.

As a market leader and innovator, we like to lead the way with high-quality products. We are always looking for the ultimate solution. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is part of this.

Respect for people and the environment is an important value to us. And we act accordingly.

For Tomorrow

Corporate social responsibility is inextricably linked to Vogel’s. As a family business, we believe it is not only important to take good care of our employees, but also of the planet and people around us. To show how we do this, we will publish a CSR annual report every year from 2021 onwards. See the report from 2021 and 2022 here.

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Sustainability | Vogel's

''Corporate social responsibility is not an optional task. We owe it to our future generations. Gerdi Vogels, CEO''

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Reducing CO₂ footprint

Another goal we pursue is responsible production and consumption. It is our greatest challenge: how do we reduce our CO₂ footprint without compromising the high quality and design of our products? We are working on this in various ways.

First of all, we look carefully at the origin of our raw materials and the way we make our products. Quality plays a major role here. A proven way of conserving raw materials is to make high-quality products. Products with a long service life. We are also constantly looking for ways to make our production processes more sustainable.

In addition, we have developed fully recyclable packaging for our latest product lines. We use 95% less single-use plastics and all EPS (Styrofoam) has been replaced by paper pulp.

Lower ecological footprint

The material of the latest Vogel's wall brackets is made from partially recycled steel. Besides having a long lifespan, it also has a lower environmental impact than (new) aluminium. Eliminating Styrofoam in our packaging, as well as replacing aluminium has led to a 77% reduction in CO₂ equivalent in some full-motion wall brackets. CO₂ equivalent is the measure used worldwide to assess the impact of products.

Our goal? To ensure the quality of our products while reducing our impact on the earth.