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Paving the way to a better future for all. That is the aim of the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium (GSG) in Velbert, North Rhine-Westphalia. Today, this internationally recognised school is known as a school without racism, a school with courage. And the GSG is proud of that!

The challenge

  • The GSG secondary school has applied to the German government for sponsorship of its educational progress. Aided by these sponsorship funds, the school aims to become more future-proof by making use of advanced technologies.

The solution

  • By implementing a complete digital transformation using products that are easy to install, the school has chosen products from Philips, Vogel's and sister company SmartMetals, among others. This school is now completely ready for the future. A move from traditional chalkboards and overhead projectors to completely digitalised education will lead to immersive experiences and unlimited connectivity. 

The end result

  • Chalkboards were replaced by extra large 75-inch and 86-inch Philips T-Line interactive displays with Vogel's mounting solutions.
  • Motorized display lifts that are easily adjustable in height have been installed.
  • All solutions are quick to install and offer optimal ease of use.

A digital transformation

Philips Professional Display Solutions (PPDS) was the partner in the digital transformation of this German secondary school in Velbert. Large parts of the school have been renovated. Interactive displays were installed using a number of Vogel's products. The screens are mounted outside each classroom to easily display dynamic content, such as the name of the classroom, the lesson and the teacher. Other important information is also shown on these displays.

Quick installation and optimal ease of use

The displays are attractively mounted using Vogel's tilting wall mounts. Different formats were chosen for the displays and mounting systems. One of the choices was a Vogel's motorized display trolley with cabinet. This motorized height-adjustable trolley is ideal for use in schools. This motorized display trolley operates extremely smoothly and quietly. In addition, a product from our subsidiary Smart Metals was also chosen: the floor-supported wall lift. A number of displays were also safely mounted from the ceiling using a Vogel's full-motion ceiling mount.

We are intrigued by the new XXL package of interactive Philips displays for lessons, information displays, digital door signs and additional IT monitors for our IT classrooms. We look forward to the new school year with great confidence!

Janine Hager, Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium

Floor mounted wall elevator XXL for touch screen 86 inch, 120 kg - BLACK
Floor mounted wall elevator XXL for touch screen 86 inch, 120 kg - BLACK
PFTE 7111 Display trolley motorized with cabinet
PFTE 7111 Display trolley motorized with cabinet
PFW 6410 Display wall mount tilt
PFW 6410 Display wall mount tilt
Products used:
PFTE 7111 Motorized Display Trolley with cabinet
PFA 9119 Electronic Safety Strip
PFW 6410 Display Wall Mount tilt
PFW 6810 Display Wall Mount tilt
PFW 6910 Display Wall Mount tilt
CT241544B Display Ceiling Mount 360° turn (black)
FM1544B Display Floor Stand, fixed to floor (black)

Project coordination

Partnership: Philips Professional Display Solutions (PPDS)

Installer:  i-Tech24

Distributor: Vogel’s Professional Deutschland


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