Display, screen and TV wall mounts

Vogel's offers a wide range of audio visual solutions. This includes, for instance, AV wall display mounts, turn. Also includes tilting wall display brackets, swivel wall mounts, rotate, motorized wall display solutions and flat-to-the-wall display mounts. We have solutions in stock for every inch size and brand.

  • Quick and easy installation
  • TÜV-5 certified and quality guaranteed
  • Anti-theft mounting solutions

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Flat to the wall

Looking for a wall mount suitable for fixing your AV display flat to the wall? Vogel's has a wide range of wall display brackets for displayinterfaces flat against the wall. No matter whether it's for a 10-inch display, a 25-inch display, a 32-inch display, a 40-inch display a 42-inch display, a 50-inch display, a 55-inch display, a 65-inch display or even an 80-inch display. Vogel's has a flat-to-the-wall solution to suit any size. The distance to the wall is just 27 mm. Some models even feature an Autolock mechanism to protect against theft. Which is perfect for public areas. The flat wall mounts are specially designed for quick and easy installation. All products are TÜV-5 certified.  

Tilting wall mounts

Are you looking for a TV wall mount that lets you tilt the display to a certain angle to make viewing as pleasurable as possible? Vogel's has a large range of tilting wall mounts for mounting your display to the wall. For wall mounted displays measuring just 10 inches up to 120 inches, Vogel's has a solution. Certain wall mounts can tilt by as much as 15 degrees. Many PFW 4000 Series and PFW 6000 Series wall mounts come with an integral security system, useful when it is put up in public areas. As you've come to expect from Vogel's, these wall mounts are all TÜV-5 certified.  

Swivel wall mounts

Swivel wall mounts are specially designed for various applications and market sectors. Think of the hospitality market or office settings for instance, but also retail environments. If you want your digital signage display to pivot easily, Vogel's display wall mount right-angled are the perfect answer. Wall mounts, turn & tilt are available for any size display, whether small or very large. There are even swivel wall mounts for 120-inch displays. Or wall mounts that can turn as much as 180 degrees. Some brackets come with a discrete anti-theft padlock, useful for public areas.  

Rotating wall brackets

Do you need a wall mount that lets you rotate your displays from landscape to portrait? Then Vogel's has the perfect display interface. A wall mount that lets you install from 40-inch displays up to 120-inch displays, weighing as much as 227 kg. The beauty of this wall mount is that it can rotate up to 90 degrees, as well as tilt. The PFW 6855 is a true XXL wall mount.  

Wall mount for recessed mounting

Vogel's has the perfect solution for recessed single display. The pop-out wall mount. This wall mount features a push-in, pop-out function for displays weighing up to 45 kg. With a VESA interface from 200×200 mm to 600×800 mm. Simply push the screen gently and the bracket pops out along with the screen, easy for service and maintenance. It's also easy to set up unlimited video wall configurations using this pop-out wall mount. The PFW 6706 pop-out wall mount is suitable for displays from 40 inches up to 98 inches.  

Motorized display wall bracket

The motorized floor-wall display bracket is perfect for (interactive) displays in classrooms, for instance. This display wall mount motorized means you can easily adjust the wall mounted display to any height, convenient for both children and adults to use. This motorized floor-wall mount is height adjustable over 65 cm, and is suitable for heavier displays up to 86 inches weighing up to 160 kg.  

PFW 1000 Series

The PFW 1000 Series is ideal for smaller display panels from 10 inches to 28 inches weighing up to 16 kg. Compatible with VESA 50×50, 75×75 and 100×100 mm. This series includes a wall mount with two pivot points as well as one with 3 pivot points. Both wall mounts feature a tilt function and come with an integral lock. Which is very useful in public areas.  

PFW 2000 Series

The PFW 2000 Series was designed specifically with the hospitality market in mind. The series comprises 3 wall display mounts. All three wall mounts are suitable for digital signage displays measuring from 19 inches up to 43 inches and weighing up to 16 kg. This series includes a flat-to-the-wall mount, a wall mount with two pivot points, and one with 3 pivot points. And VESA configurations of 75×75, 100×100, 200×100 and 200×200 mm. The great thing of these wall mounts is that they all come with an anti-theft lock. Particularly suitable for public areas such as hotel rooms or holiday homes.  

PFW 3000 Series

Just like the PFW 2000 Series, the PFW 3000 Series is designed specifically with the hospitality market in mind. This series is suitable for medium-sized displays in hotel rooms and elsewhere. The series comprises 2 wall brackets. Both are suitable for displays measuring from 39 inches to 55 inches and weighing up to 35 kg. There is a wall mount with two pivot points as well as one with 3 pivot points. With a VESA configuration for 100×100 mm up to 400×400 mm. Both wall brackets mounts have a tilt function. Both wall brackets can be fitted with an anti-theft padlock strip to discourage theft.  

PFW 4000 Series

The PFW 4000 Series is specifically designed to mount displays flat against the wall in public areas. The Autolock mechanism ensures the displays are protected against theft. The series comprises three wall brackets that allow you to mount AV displays flat against the wall. Suitable for 43-inch displays, 55-inch displays and 80-inch displays. Weighing 30 kg, 50 kg, and 75 kg respectively. What's more, this series also has three wall mounts that can tilt. Useful when the displays are going to be installed somewhat higher. The tilt function allows incremental setting at 0, 7, 12 and 15 degrees.  

PFW 6000 Series

The PFW 6000 Series is specifically designed for larger, heavier displays up to and including 120 inches, weighing up to 230 kg. Everything we know about quality and easy installation can be found in these wall display mounts. This series has 4 flat wall mounts, plus 3 wall brackets that can also tilt up to 15 degrees. All wall mounts have an integral lock so that displays can be installed securely. This anti-theft feature is useful for use in public areas. As you've come to expect from Vogel's, all audiovisual solutions are TÜV-5 certified.  

XXL Wall Brackets

If you need a wall mount for a display that is larger and heavier than average, then Vogel's has a solution. There are wall mounts for various weight categories up to 227 kg. For recessed wall mounts, there is a solution compatible with every type of attachment. No problem if you want to tilt, turn or rotate your display: the PFW 6855 wall mount boasts all these features.