Install your wall mount

What to consider?

How do you install your TV mount on the wall?

The time has come; you have purchased your TV wall mount and you are now ready to install it on the wall. Naturally, you want to relax on your couch as soon as possible and enjoy your favourite series!

How much time do you need to mount your TV on the wall?

Every Vogel's TV mount is designed to make installation as easy as possible. We are well aware that enjoying your TV is much more fun than mounting it... As soon as you open the box, you can see that the wall mount parts have been arranged in a logical order. Thanks to the simple user instructions, you can see which materials you need step-by-step and everything you need is included. In general, installing a wall mount takes one and a half hours, if you are installing the TV mount on a conventional concrete or brick wall with the correct equipment.

How do you avoid drilling into pipes and electrical cables?

Every house is full of pipes, such as water pipes, gas pipes and electrical ducts. When it comes to mounting your TV mount, it is often unclear where these pipes are located. 

Actually, instead of looking for the pipes, you should be looking for the spaces between the pipes. And these are not always where you would expect them to be. Some general guidelines are worth mentioning, but please note that they do not provide any guarantee of success:

  • It is unlikely to find gas pipes or water pipes in partition walls, such as from a bedroom to the landing. On the other hand, these walls may well contain electrical lines, so be careful!
  • You can determine the approximate location of the power lines based on the electricity outlets. Although a neat electrician will place the lines horizontally and vertically, this is not always the case. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, meaning that sometimes power lines run diagonally through the wall.
  • The easiest solution is to purchase a cable detector, which is available from hardware stores. These are used to detect metal pipes and electrical wires by moving the device along the wall. The effectiveness of this type of device depends on the technology used, the thickness of the walls and ability of the user.
cable detector cable detector

What tools do you need to mount a TV wall mount?

tools to mount a TV wall mount tools to mount a TV wall mount



The manual for the TV mount you purchased indicates exactly which tools you need. In any case, you will need the following tools:

  • cross-head and flat-head screwdrivers
  •  impact drill
  •  stone drill bits size 5 -10 mm or 4-mm wood drill bit
  • a spirit level
  • a pair of scissors
  • a stud finder
  • a tape measure 
  •  various sized plugs and hex keys

How many people are needed to install your wall mount?

It is easiest if there are two people to install a mount. It is easier and quicker to install a flat screen in the correct position on the wall if you have two pairs of hands.

Cable management

Vogel's TV mounts are designed to conceal cables optimally. Cables that run from the TV to other equipment, sockets and/or cable connections via the mount are best concealed using a cable cover. Vogel’s offers cable covers in a variety of colours and sizes. Click here to view Vogel’s product range

Would you like to know more about how best to route your cables in a new or existing home? Take a look here.

We also described some scenarios with advice for placing a Vogel's TV mount on a hollow wall.  Mounting your TV on a hollow wall

We support you!

Are you convinced that mounting your TV is the best option but unsure as to whether you can do it yourself?

Vogel's has made every effort to ensure that the installation is as easy as possible. Every TV mount includes a comprehensive installation guide as well as mounting materials, such as screws and plugs. You can also find instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

Do you have difficulty choosing the best location to drill the first hole? The TV Mount Guide app , especially developed by Vogel's, makes it easier to place the first hole and is extremely accurate. And it is tailored to your specific TV.

Vogel's TV Mount Guide app Vogel's TV Mount Guide app

Our complete range of TV mounts

Curious about whether Vogel’s has a TV wall mount for you? Use our advice tool. Enter your TV model number into the tool, along with the desired functionality. You can also search without entering your TV model number or the functionality. But if you enter the model number, we can give you more specific advice.

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