LED video wall solutions

As a professional, you want to be able to install a video wall quickly and easily. Its assembly demands perfection: All screens must be seamlessly connected, even in an environment that is not perfect. That's why our video wall solutions are thoughtfully designed. You can easily align each display on the X, Y and Z axes, and after installation the displays remain easily accessible for maintenance.

Complete video wall solutions

To make things easy for you, below you will find an overview of already complete video wall mounting solutions.

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Universal LED wall mounts - a wide range of options

Vogel's offers LED wall mounting solutions, which can be installed easy and fast. We offer solutions to mount virtually any brand LED wall. In addition to our exclusively developed brand-specific solutions, we also offer universal solutions.

Vogel's unique and modular Connect-it system makes it possible to create any mounting configurations. These can also be combined with the unique Connect-it system. This makes it easy to mount a LED wall on walls, floors or ceilings. Furthermore, you can hide the cables away and connect the tiles seamlessly with this easy-to-install system. Vogel's uses lightweight frames, so transport gives no hassle.

What does Vogel's have to offer:

  • For wall, ceiling or floor mounting
  • Can be combined with Vogel's unique Connect-it system
  • Easy, fast and seamless installation
  • Integrated or guided cabling
  • Lightweight aluminium frame
  • Vogel's quality, designed to TÜV standards

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