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COMFORT TV wall mounts, sustainable packaging | Vogel's

Your perfect TV Wall Mount

Vogel's gives you the certainty of the best solution

Looking for a TV Wall Mount to mount your TV on the wall? Having trouble choosing between the many different wall mounts? Want to know what to look out for? You've come to the right place. On this page, you can find out all about the perfect TV wall mount for your TV and your specific home situation.

Why mount your TV using a wall mount?

  • Mounting your TV on the wall is a good idea. Firstly, because of safety. Your TV is a valuable and fragile piece of equipment. Mounting it on the wall reduces the risk of damage and makes it more difficult to steal.

  • Aesthetically, too, a TV wall mount is a good choice. The latest generations of flat screen TVs have a minimalistic design. These super-thin TVs look best when mounted close to the wall.

  • Mounting on the wall also saves space. After all, you no longer need a TV cabinet. This is an important benefit, especially in small spaces.

Functionalities for a perfect TV wall mount

'Full-Motion' TV Wall Mount

Full-motion TV wall mount, mount safely, COMFORT | Vogel's

These TV wall mounts can be turned smoothly to the left and right. Ideal if you want to enjoy your TV from every angle. Most Full-Motion models can also be tilted.

'Tilt' TV Wall Mount

TV wall mount, tiltable, Tilt | Vogel's

These TV wall mounts allow you to tilt your TV slightly to create the perfect viewing angle. This functionality is nice when your TV is mounted a bit higher on the wall, for example in the bedroom.

'Fixed' TV Wall Mount

Flat TV wall mount, Fixed | Vogel's

The perfect solution if your TV does not need to tilt or turn. Do you always sit directly in front of your TV? Then a Fixed TV wall mount is a good choice.

Discover our product lines

In addition to functionality, the design is also a factor in choice. Do you opt for simplicity? Or go for a more advanced and luxurious design? At Vogel's you can choose from several product lines: COMFORT, ELITE and SIGNATURE. This means you'll always find a TV bracket that fits your needs 100%.


Stylish and safe TV wall mount for your family, COMFORT | Vogel's

Are you looking for a stylish and safe TV wall mount that your whole family can enjoy every day? A wall mount from the COMFORT series is the perfect solution for you.

ELITE Series

ELITE TV Wall Mount living room | Vogel's

Ultra-slim and ultra-strong. Vogel's ELITE TV Wall Brackets are the ultimate wall mounts for large TVs such as OLED and QLED TVs. The extremely flat design makes these mounts ideal for extra-flat and large displays.


Signature TV Wall Mount in livingroom | Vogel's

Vogel's SIGNATURE Serie DesignMount is the ultimate in technology, design, luxury and functionality. With Vogel's SIGNATURE, you bring unsurpassed design into your home.

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Vogel’s new packaging is green and durable

Make the eco-friendly choice for your home, with 100% recyclable packaging and 95% less plastics. Plus, we’ve cut down on printed materials and gone digital, with our handy online manual, video, and DrillRight App.

And green can be strong too, thanks to our future focused design. Take home a product that lasts, with a longer, greener lifespan, ensured by strong, high quality materials, and stringent, robust testing.

Why a Vogel's TV wall mount?

Easy to install

  • All installation materials included

  • Online installation guide and video

  • Free DrillRight App

Respect for people and planet

  • Long product lifespan

  • 100% recyclable packaging

  • 95% less plastic in the packaging


TÜV certified

With Vogel's, you have the certainty of making the best choice. TV Wall Brackets from Vogel's are TÜV certified, which means they meet the highest safety standards. Each product is tested to three times its maximum weight capacity.

The best materials

Vogel's uses only the best materials. This ensures a long product life. There is a good reason why all TV wall mounts come with at least a 2-year warranty*.

*COMFORT TV Wall Mounts 10-year guarantee. DesignMount and ELITE TV Wall Mounts 15-year guarantee.
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