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Dad turning the safe TV wall mount, COMFORT | Vogel's

Why a Vogel's TV wall mount for your TV?

Consider maximum weight, quality & safety

Product quality is not something we take lightly. For Sure is our promise to you that our products are designed and manufactured to meet all your requirements. We can guarantee it by honoring these 3 steps.

The three pillars

1. Design

Inhouse design and development | Vogel's

  • Our products are designed in The Netherlands with the user in mind.

  • In-house product developers and engineers make sure functionality and safety go hand in hand.

2. Performance

Strong and safe products, thoroughly tested | Vogel's

  • We use high-quality bearings, which makes the mount rotate very smoothly. Year after year.

  • High impact and scratch resistance, thanks to epoxy powder coating.

  • Best in class performance due to 100% in house design & validated production.

3. Safety

Safety and precision manufacturing | Vogel's

  • TV mounts undergo an accelerated endurance test and are TÜV certified.

  • Our TV mounts are tested to 3 times the maximum specified weight.

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Top-quality bearings

Robotic welding during production | Vogel's

Not only do our TV mounts look well designed, they are. For example, our bearings are of absolute top quality, making your TV wall mount rotate and tilt very smoothly. 

Our bearings are made of oil-impregnated, sintered steel with a PTFE coating. As a result, the lifespan of our TV wall mounts is unrivaled.

Tested at 3 times the maximum weight

Test units during production | Vogel's

Some brands claim a higher maximum load than Vogel's. But at Vogel's we have very large safety margins when it comes to the maximum load-bearing weight. We test our TV wall mounts with an excess load of no less than 3 to 5 times the indicated maximum weight.

So if our packaging states that a TV wall mount can carry a maximum of 20 kg, then in reality it can safely carry a TV weighing at least 60 kg. Thanks to these serious overload tests, all our products are TÜV Nord certified. An independent guarantee that your TV mount is absolutely safe.

Tested for lifespan

Strong and safe products, thoroughly tested | Vogel's

Of course you want to be 100% sure you get a TV mount with a long lifespan. To offer you that guarantee, we not only test the maximum weight load, we also subject our products to an accelerated endurance test. This is also required for TÜV certification.

The accelerated endurance test is a kind of endurance test that simulates 10 years of intensive use of the product. All our TV wall mounts pass this test with flying colours. That's why we can safely guarantee that a Vogel's wall mount stays hanging straight as an arrow and rotates smoothly year after year.

Guaranteed quality!

The best materials | Vogel's

At Vogel's, quality is paramount in every step of the design and production process. To start with, we use materials of the highest quality. In addition, we test each product for safety, strength and lifespan, according to the highest standards of the TÜV certification label. We test how the product behaves during normal daily use. But we also test the maximum weight that a TV mount can carry.

What makes a Vogel's TV mount so special?

This is a question we often hear. As the market leader in TV mounts and other AV equipment, we want to give you the certainty that you will get the best solution. Because when you're looking for an accessory for your precious AV equipment, you only want the best of the best. You pay attention to features such as functionality and dimensions, but also to aspects such as maximum weight, quality, lifespan and safety.

When it comes to quality, you don't compromise. You want to be able to trust that your equipment is safe and will stay hanging straight. So you want a very strong, solid and durable product. A perfectly fitting mounting solution that meets all your needs. Down to the smallest detail.

In short:

  • Our TV mounts are tested to 3 times the maximum specified weight

  • We use high-quality bearings, which makes the mount rotate very smoothly. Year after year.

  • TV mounts undergo an accelerated endurance test and are TÜV certified

Vogel’s. For Sure.

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