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ELITE Full-Motion OLED tv mount | Vogel's

The OLED wall mount that fits your OLED TV perfectly?

What are the advantages of a specially designed OLED mount?

The reason you chose an OLED TV is due to its thin, stylish and minimalist design. That's why your TV deserves the special OLED wall mount available from Vogel's. With this mount, the sleek design of your OLED TV is highlighted to the full extent.

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Vogel's: leading in OLED wall mounts

Of course, it's not just the design that's important, but also the materials used and the ease of installation. That's why Vogel's is the best choice for OLED TV mounts - because with Vogel's, you are bringing a high-quality solution home.

  • Fits your OLED TV perfectly

  • Your thin TV screen mounted tightly against the wall

  • Manual or automatic control, to rotate your fragile OLED screen smoothly and safely

Mount your OLED TV exactly the way you want it

Depending on the OLED TV you have purchased and your requirements, Vogel's will recommend the ideal wall mount. Our entire series of ELITE and SIGNATURE mounts have been designed to fit large, flat screens such as OLED TVs. In addition, with our COMFORT series, you'll find several mounts designed exclusively for OLED screens.

Which mount is right for your TV? Learn more below.

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Range of full-motion OLED wall mounts

Would you like to have the flexibility to watch your favourite programme from the couch, as well as from the kitchen or dining table? Look no further than a full-motion OLED TV mount. We offer 3 different series of turnable (full-motion) models that are suitable for OLED TVs:

  • ELITE Full-Motion

  • SIGNATURE DesignMount

  • COMFORT Full-Motion

OneFinger™ Movement allows you to smoothly turn your screen to any position you desire, with just one finger. It is available with all models.

Our range of (manual) full-motion OLED TV mounts

ELITE (Full-Motion+) turnable mount

ELITE TVM 5645, full-motion OLED TV mount | Vogel's

Depending on your screen size, you can safely turn your TV up to 180° with this innovative solution. It is our thinnest full-motion OLED mount. In its basic position, the distance between your TV and the wall is just 4 cm.


Signature TV Wall Mount | Vogel's

In terms of a high-quality, luxurious design, the SIGNATURE DesignMount is unsurpassed. It allows you to add a true fashion statement to your home. Depending on the screen size, your TV can safely be turned up to 120°.

COMFORT (Full-Motion+) turnable mount

COMFORT TVM 3460 OLED TV mount | Vogel's

We know that our customers are looking for safety and style. That's why we've designed 2 TV mounts in our COMFORT range specially for OLED TVs with a bump: the TVM 3465 and TVM 3665.

OLED wall mounts: ideal for thin, fragile displays

COMFORT Full-Motion TV Wall Mount with OneFinger movement | Vogel's

A lot of effort has been made to create OLED TVs with beautiful, minimalist designs. As a finishing touch, our wall mounts are designed to fit seamlessly to the back of your TV.

OneFinger™ Movement

Here's another good reason for choosing a dedicated OLED wall mount from Vogel's. The screen of an OLED TV is beautiful because it is extremely thin, but it's also vulnerable to damage. With our full-motion TV mounts, we make sure you can turn this fragile screen smoothly and safely.

All of our full-motion mounts include Vogel's renowned OneFinger™ Movement, which allows you to turn the screen securely and fluidly. In fact, it can be rotated to the desired position with just one finger. This solution has been designed with special oil-impregnated ball bearings and shafts made of extra-reinforced steel.

Is your TV an LG OLED?

The backs of most LG OLED TVs have a slightly different shape to a regular TV. In particular, many popular LG models have a bump at the bottom back.

In addition, the latest LG OLED TVs are designed with a centrally positioned hole pattern (VESA). This has been added to improve the method of mounting your TV.

A handy tool to find the right TV mount

The Vogel's range has been developed to ensure there's a wall mount that matches your needs, no matter what type of TV you own. You can quickly see all the suitable mounts with our easy tool. Simply enter the model number of your TV, along with the functions you wish to have.

You can also search our full range, but entering your TV model number will allow us to give you specific advice.

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Both the TVM 5405 and TVM 5406 OLED TV mounts lie flat, just 1.5 cm from the wall | Vogel's
Our thinnest wall mounts available
ELITE ball bearings and shafts | Vogel's
Special oil-impregnated ball bearings and shafts made of extra-reinforced steel.
COMFORT TVM 3460 OLED TV mount | Vogel's
OLED mount that is designed for TVs with a bump (e.g. TVM 3465)
ELITE TV mount with sustainable packaging | Vogel's
Environmentally friendly packaging

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