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SIGNATURE Series TV Wall mount, manual or motorized movement | Vogel's

Your mini LED TV on Vogel's TV mount

Why a TV mount for your Mini LED TV? 

Your new mini LED TV doesn't just provide ultra-sharp image contrast while watching TV. The slim TV is also a stylish addition to your living room. To fully show off the mini LED TV's thin design, go for a Vogel's TV mount.  

Mini LED vs. OLED

You probably know OLED TVs. The mini LED can be added to that list as a successor development for these LED TVs. Compared to an OLED, a mini LED has even more LEDs in the screen. These are controlled individually. For example, is there an area of black on the screen image? Then those pixels switch themselves off. This provides even higher contrast in your image. LG's QNED TVs, for example, use mini LED technology and Philips has also added mini LED TVs to their range. 

Mini LED TV on the wall the way you want it

How will you make the most of your big mini LED TV? By hanging it in such a way that it blends seamlessly into your interior. Which TV mount that is depends, of course, on which mini LED TV you bought and what its specifications are. Check the VESA size on the back of the TV to find out, which TV mount fits the mini LED TV. Or enter the type of TV via our advisory tool and get an instant view of which mounts will fit your TV. 

Different ways of watching TV

Are you someone who likes to always sit right in front of the TV? Or do you watch from different places in your living room? And when friends are around, you would prefer to have the option of having the TV move with them. We have a suitable type of TV mount for every need. For example, our Full-Motion mounts ensure that the TV can be easily rotated to watch TV from any angle. And with a Fixed wall mount, it always hangs tight to the wall. Ideal for if you always sit right in front of the TV. 

Full-Motion wall mounts for mini LED

ELITE full-motion wall mount for your mini LED TV

Our ELITE series is specially designed for large TVs. Go for a full-motion wall mount if you want to watch TV from every angle in your living room. In the ELITE series, you will find wall mounts specially designed for large OLED and mini LED TVs. They are not only slim, but also ultra-strong. With one finger, you easily rotate the TV in the right direction, thanks to our OneFinger™-movement system. 

Deluxe full-motion wall mount

Motorized wall mount for your mini LED TV

For even more luxury, choose our DesignMount from our SIGNATURE Series. The stylish design seamlessly complements the sleek design of your mini LED TV.  

SIGNATURE Series Vogel’s incorporates 50 years of experience in design, craftmanship and innovation, so this is rightfully our flagship series.

Mini LED TV flat against the wall

Your mini LED TV flat against the wall

Within the ELITE series, you will also find our slimmest TV mount. With a distance of just 1.5 cm from the wall, this mount ensures that your TV almost blends into the wall. It is ideal for large screens, such as mini LED TVs. 

Quality assured

You chose a mini LED TV because you want to be sure of the best picture experience and best quality. A Vogel's wall mount fits this perfectly. Our TV mounts are always TÜV-certified. That means the mount you buy has been tested to three times its maximum weight.  

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