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Creating cinema for home: choose the right mounting solutions

Setting up home cinema: here's how to do it

As a true film lover, you naturally prefer to bring the cinema experience into your home. You can! With the right equipment and accessories, you can turn your attic, living room or bedroom into a true home cinema. In this blog, we will take you step by step through setting up the ultimate home cinema.

Setting up a home cinema in 4 steps

Step 1: the right equipment (TV, projector, speaker)

Step 2: the best AV accessories

Step 3: smart lighting

Step 4: favourite film/series

Step 1: Choose the right equipment

Depending on where the home cinema is being set up, you decide which picture size is ideal for you. The bigger, the better, right? However, this is not always the case. You don't want to get neck pain while watching a film. So decide according to the seating distance whether you choose a TV or a projector.

Surround sound for home cinema

Razor-sharp picture for the best cinema experience, is not complete without flawless sound. Therefore, choose speakers at ear height or hang them to let the sound come from above. By putting two speakers next to the screen and two speakers behind the sofa, you create your own surround sound experience.

And to create a more intimate home cinema, mount your soundbar under your full motion TV wall mount, for example. With this, you rotate the sound with the TV.

Step 2: Matching AV accessories for ciname for home

Depending on your choice of projector or TV, you will choose a wall mount or projector bracket. In both cases, hanging solutions ensure that you save space. For example, choose a full-motion wall mount to create the best picture from any seating position.

Naturally, you put the speaker down on a speaker stand or hang it from special speaker brackets. This way, you direct the sound exactly to the right spot without interruptions. Or use a soundbar mount. Maximum enjoyment.

Step 3: Atmospheric lighting in the home cinema room

To complete the home cinema room, you want to be able to dim the lights. Or maybe even change colour. Our subsidiary Marmitek offers lighting that you can dim or change colour with your phone. This way, the lighting fully matches the mood of the movie night.

Sonos speaker mounts | Vogel's

Step 4: Your favourite film

The TV or projector is mounted, the speakers are at the right height and the lighting is atmospheric: you are ready for the first movie night in the home cinema you have set up. All that remains is to choose your favourite film. Don't forget the popcorn.

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