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High quality videowall solution in Auditorium of IESE Business School, Madrid

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IESE Business School  is a renowned graduate business school that offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and Executive Education programmes. The school operates campuses in Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, New York and São Paulo.

The challenge

  • IESE required a high-tech indoor LED wall for their brand new auditorium. The immense LED wall measured 13 x 5.5 metres and had to be installed within a very short timeframe, due to certain events scheduled to take place in the auditorium.
  • Both the LED screen and the mounting solutions had to be of a the best quality to match the high technological requirements of IESE.

The solution

  • The installation company Grupo Solutia chose the LG LSBA025-GD Indoor LED 2.5-pixel pitch, a LED screen with magnetically-attached cabinets that offers great contrast and vivid colours.
  • Vogel's versatile LED wall mounting system ensured the LG LED wall was installed quickly and in a trouble-free manner.
  • The combination of high-tech materials makes this high-quality LED wall solution extremely reliable.

The outcome

  • The auditorium is now equipped with an impressive LED screen containing 286 (26x11) cabinets, making it one of the largest indoor LED walls in Spain! 
  • The LED wall provides students and auditorium visitors with the best possible viewing experience.
  • Easy access is provided for maintenance.

About the mounting system

Versatile LED mounts from Vogel's were used for this project. The wall construction was assembled using Vogel's high-quality interface adapters that allowed the LG LED panels to be easily seamlessly mounted together.


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New IESE campus buildings in Madrid | Vogel's
The state-of-the-art auditorium of the IESE campus | Vogel's

State-of-the-art new campus

When IESE decided to renovate its existing buildings in Madrid, an innovative architectural design was also created for new buildings with a focus on sustainability. The Madrid campus now occupies 33,600 m2, with new facilities that include four new amphitheatre classrooms, a high-tech multipurpose room, an auditorium with natural light for more than 500 people and underground parking for 300 vehicles.  


Time challenge

IESE required the fast installation of an impressively large indoor LED screen for its new auditorium of innovative architecture. Due to the schedule of contracted internal and external events for the auditorium, installation of the 13 x 5.5 meters LED wall had to take place as soon as possible. IESE also demanded the use of high-quality technologies according to its requirements.

The mounting solution

The Vogel's LED wall mounting system meets the high-quality standards of IESE. The mounting brackets are TÜV5 tested for the maximum level of safety.

The components of the mounting system are delivered quickly, which allowed Grupo Solutia to start installing the LED wall shortly after the order was confirmed.

Since the wall mounts are designed to reduce the installation time, this huge LED screen was installed in just two weeks. Servicing the LED wall cabinets is also very easy.

Quick and trouble-free installation of the immense LED wall with Vogel’s Connect-it LED wall mounting system | Vogel's
The impressive LED wall provides students and auditorium visitors with the best possible viewing experience | Vogel's

The end result

The campus building is equipped with the latest audiovisual technology, smart functionality, and efficient energy use. Among many innovations, the auditorium’s large screen and integrated domotic system management stand out.

The impressive LED screen provides students and visitors with the best possible viewing experience.

One of the largest indoor LED walls in Spain was installed in just two weeks, in the best safety conditions. The innovative screen was the perfect solution for the state-of-the-art IESE auditorium in Madrid.

Installer Grupo Solutia

Project co-ordination

Installer         : Grupo Solutia

Distributor    : Vogel's Products Ibérica SLU