A video wall in a recess

Do you need to position a video wall in a place that is difficult to reach? Then the pop-out wall mount from Vogel's offers the ideal solution. The pop-out mechanism moves the display forward, thus creating extra work space. The displays are easy to install and an individual display can be maintained or replaced without having to dismantle the entire video wall.

Quick and easy installation

A video wall must be easy to install, but this is not the only consideration when choosing a mounting system. It must be possible to maintain and replace displays without having to completely dismantle the installation.

Everything you need in one box

The pop-out module is a 'single-box' solution. Everything you need to mount a display is included in the box. You can't forget anything, since everything is there! 

The pop-out module is easy to install and all the installation materials you need are included.

Various designs

To reduce costs and if the situation permits, you may choose to mount one or more of the video wall's displays on pop-out modules and the rest of the displays on fixed wall mounts.

We also offer a video wall pop-out option that allows displays to be mounted completely flat against the wall. This saves you even more space!

For quick and easy installation, tailor-made positioning plates are available. These allow you to place the various pop-out modules at exactly the right distance from each other, resulting in perfect positioning of the displays. And with 3D adjustment, you can then seamlessly connect all of the displays. Each display can be separately adjusted horizontally, vertically and in depth.

Theft prevention

The displays are secured by means of a locking screw. This screw is accessible from the service position.

What's your ideal set-up? Consult the PRO-AV MOUNT ADVISOR

Key benefits
  • Column mounting possible
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for heavy displays
  • Theft prevention
  • TÜV certified
Additional installation materials are needed to install this screen. Click here to request the Vogel's Service / Adaptor Kit . !

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