The perfect wall mount and floor stand

for LG outdoor display, XE4F series

Outdoor displays: reaching audiences in the outdoor environment

You can see them more and more on the streets: digital outdoor displays. Large displays alongside roads, in shopping malls and other public spaces where a lot of people pass by. For companies, these are ideal places to communicate with their customers.

LG designed an all-in-one digital signage solution specifically for outdoor applications: the LG outdoor, XE4F series. A slim and robust design with excellent image quality.

And how do you install the LG XE4F series outdoor displays in a durable and secure way? Vogel's has developed special mounting solutions.

LG outdoor display | LG outdoor XE4F series | Vogel's

Display mounting solutions for the LG outdoor XE4F series

Wall mount

These outdoor displays can be mounted easily with Vogel's solutions. Vogel's has designed two wall mounts:


To neatly seal the outdoor displays, Vogel's has designed a frame in two sizes. This frame must be combined with the corresponding wall mount.

LG outdoor display | LG outdoor | POW 1601 | Vogel's
LG outdoor display | LG outdoor | POA 9601| Vogel's

Floor stand

Are you unable to mount your outdoor display on the wall? No problem. Vogel's has also developed a slim and stylish floor stand, which is suitable for the LG outdoor XE4F series. This makes it easy to place your outdoor display in a free-standing position.

Both in landscape and portrait orientation. Choose a wall mount and frame and combine them with the floorstand POF 7601 or POF 7602 . Then you have a professional, free-standing solution for your outdoor display.


Your LG outdoor display optimally protected against weather influences

The Vogel's mounting solutions for these outdoor displays are made of durable materials with a long service life. The frame makes the whole set-up waterproof and ensures that the display can withstand extreme temperatures from -30 degrees to +50 degrees.

The LG outdoor XE4F series combined with Vogel's mounting solutions is therefore a versatile combination that can withstand all weather conditions.

LG outdoor display | LG outdoor XE4F series | Vogel's

Kit packages

To make your choice even easier, we have put together four kits for you to mount your LG outdoor display:



LG outdoor display | LG outdoor | floorstand| Vogel's

Are you looking for a specific mounting solution?

We would be pleased to help look for a suitable solution.
Feel free to mail to [email protected] or contact your local Vogel's representative.

Why Vogel's

As a professional, you want to be able to install your outdoor displays easily, quickly and safely, even in an outdoor environment. Their installation demands perfection: the displays should be mounted safely and optimally protected against the weather. Vogel's has designed the perfect solution for this.

A wall bracket for wall mounting, a floor stand if you want to place your outdoor display in a freestanding environment. The frame ensures a perfect finish to the whole. Everything is made of high quality materials that can withstand all weather conditions.

Vogel's. For Sure.