Vogel's in hospitality

made for frequent use

Ease of installation is a priority

When you have a large number of displays or equipment to mount, it's important for installation to be quick and easy. The fewest steps and fast results. This applies to the hospitality sector more than any other, where sometimes dozens of hotel rooms or holiday homes have to be equipped with TVs.

Vogel’s products are designed to allow equipment to be mounted in as few steps and as quickly as possible. All of the necessary installation materials are included so you can get straight to work. But ease of installation is not the only attribute that has been worked out in detail; all of Vogel's mounting systems are manufactured using high-quality materials. You are choosing for guaranteed quality and safety.

Easy maintenance

In the hospitality sector, the life span of equipment is generally shorter than average. Many guests make use of the equipment and often unsupervised. That's why it's important for maintenance to be carried out without having to dismantle the entire installation. Many Vogel’s products have a servicing position that makes equipment easily accessible for maintenance work.

TÜV certified

All Vogel’s Professional products are TüV certified. They are thoroughly tested based on the criteria set by TüV Nord. This means that they have sustained rigorous testing, which simulates extreme use over a 24 hour period.

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